We Can Not Live without Nature—Tuesday, November 10, 2020

There is snow all around us… but only rain here.

A wee spell ago

I spied

Some delightful pheasants

Busily searching for food

And always running as fast as they can

away from me! 🙂

It seems to me that nature, and those creatures who live in it, are no different than us.

They hunger, they feel pain, they love.

I so enjoy being part of their lives and sharing them with you in photos.

From my world to your heart!

May you find and experience joy today!


The Heat of Summer is Here—Thursday, July 9, 2020

A wee tiny bird (I think might be a Starling) is living out it’s beginning life, in a hollow of a limb of the tree in our yard

At the Upper End, we have pheasants. Delightful birds

Over by the equipment area, I saw a fun courting couple

Then on the back road going to the Back Forty twice,

I ran across this pretty handsome feller

Our days are in the 100*s now. That is 37.7c.

At the peak of the heat in the daytime, the little songbirds rest—such wise little creatures

Or come to our chicken yard and try to grab a snack or two…

I’m sure they are thinking “get some food while everyone sleeps, then no one will ever know.)

The hawks and other raptors silent shadows slide over the warm and bright land

The blue sky is alive with life

As so is the earth

Ah  Summer so

Full Life

Full of Joy

Full of Daily Adventures

To me

The most perfect time of the year!

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


The Adventures of Boomer on Friday— For the Birds

Well, here we are …Dad has pulled and bladed all the pinto beans and they are drying in the field.  Now everything depends on the weather for how long it takes the pinto bean pods to dry.

So that is enough about that!

Now about the birds…. the little Barn Swallows are starting to try out their wings.  Every day they fly just a little bit further than yesterday.

Still coming back to sleep in that very crowded nest at night.  FOUR little ones in one nest!  Beats me how they do it.

Sleep in the nest, I mean.  When I look up there they look C.R.O.W.D.E.D!


They aren’t big enough to go out on their own…the mom and dad birds are still feeding them. 

Even when the kids are sitting on the rooftop.

The hummingbirds are becoming less and less here.  Makes Mom sad, but she told me (while petting all over my belly); “They have to leave, Boomie or they could never make it through the winter.  Winter is coming.”


While out doing the ‘stuff’ we always do on the farm

I ran into a couple of pheasants!  Boy! Those birds sure can scare the heck out of me…if I run into them they squawk really loud, flap their wings and fly right up into the air.  Sometimes it scares me so bad I lose my scent on the ground!!!!!


That reminds me.  I saw Quade the Quail yesterday!

Quade was checking out the neighborhood on top of one of Dad’s pieces of equipment. He didn’t run off or jump down or anything, so I stopped by and we had a wee chat.

Quade agrees with me…. Fall is here!  Quade also predicts a hard winter.  I asked him if that means lots of snow…he just shook his head and said Hard.  Very hard.  Then lifted his wings and flew way up into the nearby tree.

Well, I guess hard is hard.  Either too dry or too much snow.  I guess only time will tell.

Boomer Beaglie Brown

Monday, November 19, 2012

I’m back.  Slept off and on yesterday and even slept in really late this morning.  I got up at 6:30, with everyone else up and doing stuff.

I feel good.

I think I just got really tired from doing our things here and then running down to our oldest daughter’s place (only 2 miles away) to feed her fire and watch over her animals.  She only heats with a wood stove so I had to be extremely diligent to keep the fire going so her pipes wouldn’t freeze all through the day and night.

She is back home now so everything will mellow out until our other daughter and her family heads to Nebraska for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.  They heat with wood also, but they have a backup propane system.  I will just have all their animals to take care of, which won’t be as exhausting.

Terry and I and the dogs all went around the place yesterday checking on the fences.  It’s getting close to pheasant hunting season, which means people will cut, break down, and destroy fences to get to the birds.  Everything is posted, not because we are against hunters, but because we are against property damage.  It works most of the time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These lovely birds are back.  I tell them all of the time they are most welcome to land on our place…we are a no hunting zone.  Although, I don’t think there is a Sand-hill Crane season I know there is a Canada Goose season, of which they will be safe here!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —January

The January Thaw has arrived!  Boom and I love January Thaws…it warms up ya see.

It warms up enough that I don’t like sleeping in the house.  I go outside (I know how to open the back door and go out, Boomer has NEVER figured it out.  HEE HEE) and sleep in my dog house.

Now I have to admit sometimes I go out and want to come back in sooner than when Mom comes looking for me.  See I go out when I get hot, that can be when everyone is asleep in the house.  Then I have to wait until Sam the cat wants out——he jumps on the bed and runs all over Mom to wake her up so she will let him out — or Mom just gets up.  Mom always comes to check on us dogs and if I’m not there she knows I’m in the dog house.

When you are old you can’t curl up like you use to be able to do….so I scratch up my dog blankets real good and waller down real deep in them.  Even though the dog houses are covered up with lots of blankets and stuff, when the night runs on into morning…well, then, I want to come inside and sleep on my orthopedic bed.

So sometimes I have to wait.

Anyhoo, where was I?

Oh, yes!

The January Thaw is here!!!  The days have warmed up considerable.  Boom and I have taken to checking out things, you know…who has been walking on our property, what sort of news is on the corn stalks and maybe just maybe we can find Freddy Fox’s house.

Boomer is never still….he runs EVERYWHERE!  Up and down and back.  He runs off and then comes to find me.

(Actually, I like that he comes back and checks on me, I sometimes slip and sprawl a little bit so I have to wait until everything stops hurting and gets back to usable.)

We smelled lots of bird tracks, we even flushed up a pheasant hen and her guy…those birds are LOUD!  Finding them was pretty nice; we haven’t had pheasants on the places for about three years.  Boomer supposed to be a hunt’n dog but he didn’t even understand what happened.  Just ran on, nose to the ground.  I stopped and pointed so Mom could see.  (She was with us.)

On we went over to the equipment area, then up to the back 40, then over to the Upper End which is where I found it……………………………!!!!

Freddy Foxes hidey hole!

Pretty cool!

I was clear inside when Mom got there….I didn’t want to get out, but she made me.  Boom never saw it, so I told him all about it when we were resting in the sun later.

When we got back to the house Mom said we had better enjoy this because it is supposed to snow Saturday and colder weather will follow.

Mom asked if we wanted to come inside, but Boomer and I decided we wanted to hang outside. Even Sam the Cat hung with us.  Sam rolled around in the sawdust by the wood pile and Boomer and I lay in the sun next to the house.

Sure is nice, these warmer temperatures.