The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — It’s Not All Work

Every night, just before it gets dark Boomer and I have LOTS OF FUN!


We play and play and play and play with Mom.


It’s ever so much FUN!!!


We play and play and play!


Oh, yes, by the way….YOUR MAGIC THOUGHTS WORKED!!!!

Amber got a forever home!!!

Diamond came out to play with us yesterday.  Diamond is an American Bulldog.


When she came to the shelter she had on a collar with tags, the shelter person called the tag’s number and the lady said she didn’t want her.


Isn’t that sad?

Please work your magic once more!

Thank you,


Boomer-on-the-4-wheeler (and BOOMER!!!)


24 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — It’s Not All Work

  1. Hi Fuzzy! Hey Boomer! You guys sure have lots of fun. We’re glad Amber found a forever home.
    Mom just about fell off her chair when she saw Diamond’s photo. She says your mom should look up Dogo Argentino. She also said that she wished that Diamond could come live here. We love her sweet face! Tell your mom that we hope she gets the sparrows under control. I watch the birds here A LOT. But if I try to chase them I get in really big trouble.


  2. Great to see pets that are well cared for and given some attention and fun. Although I don’t have a dog I know what they give a person.


  3. Fuzzy, So glad you get to have so much fun with Mom and I am sure your new pal will find a home too! That last shot of Boomer just made me laugh out loud!


  4. Thinking good thoughts for Diamond. I will never understand the “throw away” mentality some folks have regarding their pets. Very sad indeed. Keep up the good work Linda.


  5. Yes, sad when people adopt a pet and then just toss it like a used toy. Sending good wishes for a new home for Diamond. Thanks for the fun, fun photos of you two playing. So cheery and full of joy! Thanks for the Fuzzy and Boomer smiles.


  6. Lovely to see the pictures of two such happy and handsome boys having fun. So pleased to hear Amber has found a forever home. Here’s hoping Diamond won’t have to wait too long for one too.


  7. It looks like you and Boomer had a great time. My mom and I went out to play today also. She took me to the place that daddy takes me and she threw the ball for me over and over again. It was ever so much fun. I hope your other puppy finds as good a home as we all have.


  8. You guys are great!! I’ll bet your letter last week helped Amber get a forever home!! I’m glad you get to play every day since you are such hard working dogs the rest of the time. Maybe Diamond will get a forever home soon.


  9. Good news for Amber. I hope Diamond finds a loving home – she’s lovely.
    Wishing you both a Very Merry Christmas, full of fun and play and, knowing, your lovely Mom and Dad, there’ll be extra treats! xx


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