A Nasty Winter Storm Arrives

The dogs and I walked around the place yesterday, just for the fun of it.


Just to get out of the house and ‘do’ something.


Although, we were in a winter storm warning and I could see weather all around us, we were not being effected.

But I could see it coming in.


Then it hit….

Bitter cold wind, gusting to over 30 m.p.h. all most all of the night and still going strong. Not much snow, but the snow we have is flying all over the place.


Terry had been working on the ditch, but this took the farming urge right out of him 🙂

Took the need to get outside and ‘do’ something different right out of the dogs and I!


Of course the cats don’t ever really like to go outside anyway.

I think it will leave here sometime late this evening with temperatures falling way, way below zero.


Baby, it’s cold outside! (By Frank Sinatra and Doris Day, of course, although, I know many others have also sang this song.)



19 thoughts on “A Nasty Winter Storm Arrives

  1. I think it blew in here this morning. So far just a dusting of snow–but the cold winds. Sure doesn’t take much snow to obscure roads and highways.


  2. Holy cats! That first photo—the clouds! Good shot. I love watching the storms move in even when I don’t like the aftereffects. Not at all fond of the wicked wind though. It’s sunny and cold but not nearly as cold as you are supposed to get. Yet. Maybe next week. You have good “build a fire and hunker down by the stove” weather.
    Fuzzy, Boomer, you boys stay in and out of the wind. We wouldn’t want you to blow away!


  3. Hope you are still doing okay now.. That is a wicked storm… I saw the weather map on Weather.com… We are supposed to get rain and very high winds here tomorrow. Our temp will go down to about 28 tomorrow night–but no snow here–just COLD and WIND….

    We are supposed to go to Tullahoma tomorrow to see G’s Daddy –but not sure we are going.. We may go on Friday instead–although it’s going to be colder then and Dad may not want to go out to lunch……. SO–unsure of what we’ll do… Guess it depends on the weather.



  4. Brrr, I wouldn’t want to be outside in that, either! The wind can be so miserable and even without much snow, it seems alot when it blows sideways, doesn’t it?

    Right now I have a sandstorm here…winds to be 50-60 mph and visibility is zero with blowing sand/dust. Can even smell it in the house! I’m not going outside either and all the animals are hunkered down in the garage.

    Keep warm! Blessings!


  5. Baby it IS cold outside. Went to the store this afternoon and nearly froze my face off. But still no snow. Loved the body language of Fuzzy and those ragged black clouds in the first photo.


  6. I have never understood how anyone, let alone farmers, live in those conditions. I guess it’s all in what a person gets used to. I hope you wrapped up tight and found a good spot in front of the fireplace.


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