Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fence“Last night, there came a frost, which has done great damage to my garden …  it is sad that Nature will play such tricks on us poor mortals, inviting us with sunny smiles to confide in her, and then, when we are entirely within her power, striking us to the heart.” — Nathaniel Hawthorne

FreezeIt happened!

The cold has descended!  Killing everything.  Next week I will start digging my tropical plants and storing them for the winter.  I have so many tubers of Cannas I really don’t know what I’m going to do with them, but I guess I will figure it out.

Most of everything I will leave as seed heads for the birds, it helps them and it helps my pocket book.


The trees and bushes should really start to color up now.  It always takes a good hard freeze to start to see color on them.

In three weeks we hope to start the corn harvest.

We are moving marching forward to winter, a steady step-by-step now.

Taking one day at a time, your friend,



July 1, 2013

HAPPY CANADA DAY, to all of my Canadian readers out there!

We were a shade cooler yesterday it only got up to 97*.  97* sounds hot, but not as hot as 105*.  It actually felt cooler, once in awhile a cloud would skuddle across the sun giving us a sun break while it was there.

The clouds would randomly look like a few drops of rain might fall, but didn’t.  This time of year we have to worry about hail…hail is NOT something you want ever, but to have hail now would strip the leaves from all the growing corn and pinto beans.  That would be the end of the crops.  Therefore, we watch the sky and pray for rain and wish hail away.

So far we have NOT had hail, which is wonderful.

They are saying this intense heat (which is terribly abnormal) is here for at least another week, the cooling ocean breezes that would move the stagnate air is also stagnated off the west coast…so we wait.


A little gift from the heavens last night was a slight rainbow.

The promise of hope!


June 30, 2013

Still in the blast furnace stage of heat — 105* yesterday.


By 8 in the morning we were roasting, but I didn’t turn on the swamp cooler until 9:00 a.m.  I was trying to keep as much natural air in the house as possible.  After that we just couldn’t do it.


There are lots of fires around us, one is up by the Silver Jack Reservoir near Cimaron.  I would say, maybe 30 miles from Montrose.  If memory serves me right it was lighting started.



You are looking at all the smoke around us.

I wish the forestry service (or whoever makes the decisions) would cut down all the dead and dying trees. They really need to get rid off all the fuel for those fires.


When we went to Yellowstone last fall the forests there were clean…nothing dead or in a dying stage.  I saw new trees growing in lighting started fire burns, which was really nice to see.  

It isn’t just humans that loose their homes or perish in these nasty fires animals do also and then many times they lose their lives.

When I was a child the lumber jacks would find a disease tree — go get the forest service ranger, show him the tree…it was marked…then the loggers could come back in and remove the tree, put it in a separate pile, tests were run on the tree to see why it was sick and what to do about it, then the tree was headed to the mill. 

That doesn’t seem to be the case now.  It looks like the trees are allowed to die so the bug or disease finishes off the tree — jumps to another tree and proceeded to decimate all of the lovely old trees setting up perfect fuel for a fire.


In talking to a ranger a while back and relating what I just said, he told me that the idea (I may get this a little off) is to let the forest take care of itself —so to speak.  If one species dies then the fire will clean the land so new can grow.  That maybe so, but watching these lovely old trees (here in Colorado it takes a long, long, long time for a tree to grow) die is really sad to me. (If any ranger or forest manager is reading this maybe you could leave us a comment so we can understand—understanding often helps.)

Anyway, the following is an older photo of where the Silver Jack Reservoir resides…beautiful country up there and extremely rugged.



We had a slight rainfall last night.  Really nothing to speak of  lots of wind and a few splatters then it blew on leaving us behind.

Great-rainbowBut it left us a touch of a rainbow!  My first of the summer!

Well the day is waiting and I must get out there and get my watering done before the horrendous heat saps me and everything else.




Nodding Thistle or also known as Musk Thistle

We have many, many weed here…some are just a pain, but others are really horrid. The invasive species are the worst….nothing likes to eat them, they sterilize the soil so only ‘they’ can grow, and (usually) they are ugly –Russian Knapp Weed, Canada Thistle are examples.

Randomly there is a weed that is just downright beautiful-but still a weed and still an invasive weed.  I chop them down the second I see them start to form.  Sometimes I miss one or so, before you know it…there they are.


The Nodding Thistle or also known as the Musk Thistle is one of those horrid weeds which is incredibly beautiful.


This one got by my shovel, so I took photos of it for you.


A beautiful weed

Now chopped off.

But I can assure you there are more out there! Invasive species have incredible survival skills.


Get Ready for July

July is Butterfly Count Month!

The North American Butterfly Association needs volunteers to count butterflies in a selected are 15 miles wide in diameter, called count circles.


Our milkweed is blooming now and, of course, other really fun food for butterflies.

If you are interested in being part of the butterfly count go here:

Have a nice Thursday!


The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Thirteen Years and Counting

This is my BIRTHDAY month!


Mom says I have a whole month for a birthday!  That is because she doesn’t really know when I was born!  I was a lost dog when Mom and Misty found me.

I was also five years old when Mom and Misty found me.

You see I was ‘dumped off’ in the country by my other people.  Since I am part Border collie and part Sheltie (that is what my vet says) I sat by the side of the road where they dumped me for days and days and days.  Anytime Mom or Misty would try to get me I would run off…I was waiting for my people to come back, you see.

I waited until I went from 40 pounds to 25 pounds.  I was sooooooooooo hungry I almost couldn’t run anymore.  But I waited!

Then Misty came out with ROAST BEEF!  That was it…I was Mom’s for life.  Mom took me home and gave me lots of love and took me to the vet and well…here we are eight years later!


Since Mom brought me home in June that is when my birthday is…I get a whole month…because neither she nor I could figure out a good day.



Dad had a meeting so Mom, Boomer and I did the water without Dad.  We had lots to do.


A skunk got in one of the gated pipes so we had to get it out and then bury it.


Boomer and I wanted to sniff it up really well, but Mom didn’t let us….  “Leave the dead alone you guys!” she said.


We had to walk up to the middle of the pinto bean field and check on a pipe there…it was horribly HOT!


Then we rode the four-wheeler up to the hay field to see how the alfalfa was in the hay making process.  Boomer jumped off because he smelled a cool smell and had to run home.


Then we sat outside and had a couple of really yummy Dog Treats and a milk bone for my Birthday while Mom watched the hummingbirds. And I got lots and lots and lots of pets.  Boomer got some too, but it was my special day so Boomer had to let me have the most!


Then around 10 o’clock that night we all went back out and changed the water in the front corn field.

It sure was a nice day!

A perfect Birthday just for me!



Monday, June 3, 2013

We had great fun with Linkin.  A day with just one of the grandchildren…their always nice.  She is still here and will go with me later on this morning to ‘pet the kitties’ at the shelter while I walk the dogs.  A child has to be fourteen to walk dogs, but the shelter manager lets Linki pet all the kitties and play with them in the big walk-in cage.  This works out for everyone, me, Linkin (who adores cats), the dogs and the kitties.

It’s nicely warm here 88* yesterday with some clouds drifting by and a little breeze or so.

Terry has decided today he will cut the alfalfa…the long-range forecast is for hot, drying weather for a least a week.  Good!  At the end of the week, the alfalfa will be dry as toast and morph into hay.  Then we pray for dew in the morning so he can go out and bale the hay.  After he gets it baled he will haul it in and the dogs and I will work on the hauling in of the ends of the fields.


My favorite little bugs are very active right now…I just adore these fat, furry buzzy bees!


She was very intent on her work so didn’t mind that I was shooting away with my camera.


She also posed several times, I just sure she loved having a photo shot going on while she was so very busy!


Out the Back Door

Celi from A Kitchen Garden blog spot asked her readers to do a blog post showing the view of your house —out of your back door.

Click here to see what Celi has for today’s post….lovely views from around the world.

Now for our back door (which we use as a front door) to the east of the back door



to the west of the back door

Out-the-back-door-2right out the back door

Out-the-back-door-3As you can tell most of my yard is right out the back door

Out-the-back-door-4Although, there are other parts of the yard I haven’t shown you


that because it is just mostly the lawn…

But right out the front door (which we use as a back door) is this



Complete with the corn rowing up!



Head on over to Celi’s to see some outstanding views from around the world!






The Weekend

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Grand Junction at the soccer tournament.  The two oldest grandchildren were playing—of course we had to attend.  🙂


It was horrid cold, bitter, bone chilling wind, thunder storms and lightening which slowed the games down…..everyone has to leave the field until 30 minutes after the last lightening strike, and long.  We couldn’t stay for the last games of the day because of getting home to change water.

Today is still cool, jacket wearing cool, but no freezes THANK HEAVENS!! Everything is up and growing to have a killing frost now would be…a disaster!  (But we won’t even go there in our thoughts—tomorrow it starts to warm back up.)


I some photos of one of the males of the little hummers who are visiting the feeders


They aren’t the best photos,

Yippeebut at least a start!


I hope everyone has a great Monday.



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — A Little Bit

This is about a little bit


A Little bit of THIS

A Little bit of THAT


Tee Hee!

We have a new bird on the farm.  There isn’t much to say about him except he is really loud…talks all the time and does this drumming thing.  He is Dad’s turkey…he hangs out wherever Dad is…in the shop, in the other shop…out by the grain bins.  Fuzzy and I don’t care ‘cause WE HANG WITH MOM!

Shannon just came over and took Tom back…she has to take her turkey back as she really misses him.  Well, that works … Tom told us he really misses home!


The dog cousins come over for a walk every day.  We LOVE IT!


Fuzzy’s favorite thing to do is ….


Hang on now…


it’s coming…




I try it with him every once in a while,


I guess its sorta fun…

SplashI guess.

We have lots more fun taking care of the yard…


At night


Can you can see why!

Although, I HAVE been sprayed by a skunk and so has Fuzzy  we say far away and just bark at where the skunk is so Mom and Dad have to come out and see what is up.


We all helped Mom work in the yard…Sam the cat hogged the Catmint, but guess what?  Fuzzy and I DID NOT CARE!


The cat can have all the catmint he wants! 🙂


So not much really happening, but Fuzzy and I like it just fine!!