For the Good of the Whole—-Thursday, January 3, 2019

The cold persists…only we did warm up some -3* (-19 c) this morning and 13* (-10c)  right now.

Still, I’m sure it’s all for the good of things—

In ways, I don’t understand…nature, after all, is rather mysterious.

But still, we must remember to treat nature with respect for nature doesn’t see anything but what is good for the masses.

From my heart to your world,





The Sky is Alive with a Huge Wind/Sleet Storm—-Sunday, January 21, 2018

A big storm blew in last night.  The air buoyant with sleet and cold.

Late last evening we took a wee walk-about, buttoning down all the hatches and feeding the equines some carrots, and giving them lots of pets and love

This morning the sky was gray the air energetic with wind so rough it was almost hard to stand up in it.

It’s sleeting now…coming in sideways from the west…tiny little flakes that beat into your skin and feel more like hail than snow.

If you look outside the things in the distance are all shrouded and filled with mystery–the pearl-gray light making known objects look unreal

The many and varied bird feeders swing wildly in the rush of the wind…no birds clinging to the little wires…hunkered down someplace safe I’m sure.

Terry went with me on my late night walk during the night…this time we only went as far as the equipment area; the wind was too sharp and the visible whirling sleet a tad too much to enjoy the steps and strides.

So for the rest of the day we will hunker down, I will make soup, we will watch football, and take a nap…the world is full of winter today.  (Which is a good thing)

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


As Winter Dims and Spring Brightens—Thursday, February 16, 2017

checking-cowsWe ride out to check the cows at least once a day. (I need a new work coat.)

little-onesThe cows watch us, but never running in fear.  Boomer is their main concern, but he never leaves the four-wheeler.

hidden-as-mom-says Moma’s hide their little ones out, saying to them —-‘stay, don’t move, don’t draw attention to yourself in any manner’.

calfThe older calves no longer care what we are doing or how close we ride.  Their concentration is usually set on something else they find wondrous and marvelous….never seen before.

hidden-001This little on has one eye on us and her ears cocked so she can run if necessary.

sweetieThe wind was quiet, the sun warm and bright, as we traveled slowly, ever so slowly counting heads, counting babies.

well-groomedThis is my favorite, so far.  She is very particular about her fur, keeps it herself well groomed and very clean.  See the curls on the side of her belly from all her licking?  🙂

newWe (Terry, Boomer and I) stop along the hillside listening to the cows moving through the grass, talking softly to each other and/or their calves, the chirping of the Red Winged Black birds adding into the softness of a very lovely spring day.

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,



In the Midst of Babel—Tuesday, December 27, 2016

(Some of the photos below are not current, but they spoke to me, as I wrote this post — I have chosen to share them with you.)


I love summer, there isn’t anything about Spring, Summer or Fall that I don’t like—nothing.

Geese3Absolutely nothing!


Now, when it comes to winter, I struggle.  Still there are things that bring me peace–the babel of the winter birds; the air alive with their voices,  the setting and rising sun

end-of-day-002A walk on the farm, even in the face of a full force gale—

Moon in Januarywalking in the light of a winter moon, or even when the sky is only full of frozen pinpoints of starlight.

Winter-2(This is an old photo—we have no snow here yet)

Even the heavy snow upon the land has a way of lifting the soul.


In winter I enjoy those things that lighten my soul…just like in spring, summer and fall—those things that come alive within me and lighten the long, long days.

Winter-storm-1Those things that say I am home.

From my world to your heart!


A Slow Beating Heart—Wednesday, October 12, 2016

SunriseThis morning the sunlight washed over the world in rays of yellow and gold. (I didn’t get a photo this morning, but it looked like this from last summer)

october-morn-sunriseThe clouds from yesterday scattered and gone.  Although, the rising of the sun yesterday was amazing, with it’s rays of orange and apricot and purple breaking forth from the heavy clouds.

workToday promises to be a fine day!  The trees and bushes and even the weeds are all starting to go to gold and rust with splashes of red.

our-house-in-the-eveningToday I will water up my yard and gardens.  Making sure they do NOT go into winter dry and thirsty.  The flight of the sun and the falling leaves my constant companions.

sunset-skyBefore the day ends Terry and I will (also) go down and put the water pump and all the sprinkler lines to bed for the winter, at our other house.   After, which, we will do the same for our yard.

24.jpgA farm, any farm, has a life of it’s own.  Although, after all the harvest is done the heartbeat slows, pacing itself.  (Photo taken last year 2015)

We are not there yet.  We are in the process of waiting for the corn to dry enough to harvest.  Until corn harvest is over, we spend our time putting things to bed, closing down the summer things, getting ready—for winter.

Winter-2Still much to do!

From my world to your heart!



The Rhythm of My Days—-Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Sometimes I’m asked if I ever get bored—now that I’m retired from a paying job.Red-SUn-2

(A past photo)

No actually, I never get bored!  I do get restless, sometimes.  But never bored.

Rikki-The-RaccoonThere always seems to be something to do or to see or to experience—-right here on the farm.  Those small little creatures which keep my mind from wandering into dullness.

sunrise-25.jpgWinter will ‘do me in’ with it’s terrible cold and long dreary days.  But I’m not bored. The frozen outside has stilled the voices of trees and water. The winter animals and birds are desperately  on the hunt for food and survival, the sounds chill on the air with the low slung arc of the sun.

Sundail-gardenI bought my bedding plants yesterday and will plant them today.  I will work digging the little holes needed for each small plant listening to the voices murmuring in the trees and the water of the canal, as I carefully water and fill in the soil around each plant.  Terry and I will repair the outside furniture, set an arch he made for me, and I will start painting the trim and benches in the gardens.  I will paint, then weed, and trim, and prune as the sun travels across the sky.

With love from my world to your heart!



As February Leaves—Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow-in-the-canyonWinter is still with us….flinging flakes of very wet snow here and there in a willy-nilly sort of pattern.

Storm-on-the-PlateauWind with very icy fingers stab and pull at you and every other living thing.

I do believe winter is throwing a huge fit, because you know…really we all know …that the time has come for Winter to leave.  It doesn’t matter how ugly and how hard winter demands for us to pay attention Winter IS in charge.  Stamping its blue and icy foot..the earth is tilting ever so slowly.

YesThe sun moving toward the warm point of spring and then summer, casts brilliant colors, which fiercely sends warning sounds, for winter to calm down.  Enough is enough.

The weather people are saying winter is still very preoccupied trying to keep a foothold on our part of the world–this bitter, cold tantrum will weaken and strengthen over several more days, then the middle (Wednesday) of the first week in March, the sun and the earth will send warmth and comfort back to the land with temperatures rising into the 50’s for several days.  Perfect for drying up snow and mud.

So go ahead and throw a fit, make it a good one, for soon you, Old Man Winter, will be banished to other parts and the gentle cherub of Spring will dance it’s way into our hearts and souls.



Go Ahead, spend yourself out —soon you stay in your room and cry huge hiccuping sobs until you are spent and need to rest to recover.  We will just wait you out.

Your friend,



Is It Spring? February 9, 2014

Stuck-2Yesterday we went from snow to slush.  The day warmed up to somewhere in the 50’s.

Although, having lovely warmer weather is nice, the mud isn’t.  But we MUST go through the mud to get to dry ground.

The weatherman predicted rain for today, but nwt is just saying cloudy with temps in the 50’s again.

Could we be so lucky that winter has decided to leave?  Only time will tell.  The Old Farmer’s Almanac is stating that February 16th is the day ‘winter’s back will be broke’.  Until that time yesterday, and so far today, it feels like maybe…..just maybe…we are heading toward spring.  One day at a time!


I’m ready and I’m sure you are also!

We are heading up to the Uncompahgre Plateau to go sledding today.  The little grandchildren haven’t been this year so to celebrate a shift in the weather we thought this might be a fun thing to do.

I hope your day has the same feeling of hope in it, the same sense of renewal, laying buried almost ready to burst forth.

Your farm friend,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Living is Easy

We had snow!


Lots and lots of snow!


Then it turned to rain, which turned to mud!


Lately we have been having fog full of frozen crystals, then the sun comes out, then the fog comes back…days of this.


Fuzzy and I don’t mind!

Really we don’t.


We help Mom out…we decorated the tree, hung some light on the porch, helped cook meals…although that always gets us banished to ‘the other room’.

That is what Mom always says when she starts making those yummy smells from the kitchen… “Out boys, you have to go to the other room now!”

So we do…


Going to the other room is okay doaky also…HEAT!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!

So it’s okay what goes on outside, for Fuzz and I…………….THE LIVING IS EASY!


I just about forgot.

Remember when I was new to the farm and I was terrified of the tractor and loader

You have GOT to see this!!!

Chaco and Balou meet the COMBINE!!!  (Turn your head so you can watch, it was taken with Shannon’s cell phone and Mom doesn’t know how to fix the video so it’s upside right)

Fuzzy and I rolled on the ground!  After all it is just a combine!!

Mom told us that wasn’t funny, after all she reminded me I was afraid of the tractor when I first got here!

Oh, well!


Back to all the warm heat from the wood stove!

Just hang’n around and enjoying winter!


Sugar Beet Harvest

Way back when our kids were growing up the Holly Sugar Factory still operated here and farmers in the area grew sugar beets for a cash crop.  Not only did they grow the beets, but the factory hired many farmers to help process the beets into sugar.  The job was a very welcome thing—fall and winter (sometimes until March) employment.  Right during the time many farmers had to be very careful with their money.

Farming gives you ONE paycheck a year…yes, one per crop you grow.  This is the money that a farm family lives on and uses to purchase all the necessities, pay the taxes, and pay the huge irrigation bill plus to start and continue farming until the crop ‘comes in and is sold’.

If you know what a once a month paycheck is like to stretch – try a once a year paycheck!  Then get all your expenses out to start your business all over again in the spring and carry you over until the crop is sold.  Sure can be hard at times.

Holly Sugar was a great and wonderful thing for ‘tiding’ a farm family over—not only did they buy your crop …  paid on the sugar content of your beet…poor beets poor paycheck…rich in sugar beets really nice paycheck.  They hired four shifts of men and sometimes women for certain jobs.  The pay was always very welcome…you work you get paid.

Holly Sugar left town in the 70’s.  It was sad for everyone.

Sugar Beet harvest always started in October giving the beets a chance to get cold so the  sugar content in the beets would rise.  Many times the harvest happened in wet, frozen, turned to mud fields.  Right along side the corn harvest and the apple harvest and the turning of the leaves.

Sugar Beet Harvest


This is the way our local farmers used to bring their sugar beets to market. This photo shows a line-up of wagons loaded with beets waiting their turn to dump their load at the Delta beet dump. Beets were dumped directly into open rail cars prior to 1921, and after the factory was built in Delta, they were dumped at the factory site where they were transferred mechanically to the processing at the facility.

My sweet corn is ready for picking so I’m off to start my tiny harvest of sweet corn.  When winter comes we will enjoy rich, golden, sweet, sweet corn once in awhile.  A small delicious reminder of summer.

Have a good one my friends!