The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —A Healing Time

Fuzzy had his operation 8 days ago.  He is slowly doing better.  Most of the time we don’t go outside because it’s been really cold; Mom doesn’t want us (Fuzzy) to get chilled on top of the operation.


But yesterday was a little warmer, so we all went for a walk.

Out for a wlk

Fuzzy really didn’t want to be on the walk, even though there were some neat crows to chase.  Mom said Fuzzy was having an ‘off day’.


Today he is doing better…he wanted outside to just be outside.  I went with him.  It is warm enough I don’t even have to wear that coat thingy that Mom makes me wear when it’s below 10*.


Healing Time

I rolled everywhere on the grass that didn’t still have snow on it!

This afternoon Fuzzy and I will go for another walk with Mom, to build up Fuzzy’s strength.

Every day is another day to having my Buddy back.  Please keep sending Magic Thoughts, please. Maybe next week Fuzzy and I will have a really cool adventure to talk about.





28 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —A Healing Time

  1. Hi Boomer, I know you will be happy when your friend Fuzzy feels better and gets more strength—and can get outside and run and play with you… BUT–you are being a good brother —-and supporting Fuzzy during these times… Thank You, Boomer.

    Have a great weekend… We have some sunshine today–first time in a long long time.



  2. Boomer, I wish I could give you one of those Thumbs-Up thingies like on FaceBook… this was a really good post with lots of Great news. I am so glad that you and the Fuzz have each other and Linda – I meant, Mom. BIG hugz to all of you 🙂


  3. You are such a good boy Boomer to help Mom look after Fuzzy in his recovery, so well done to you good boy.
    And of course lots of healing vibes for Fuzzy to get well very soon.


  4. Fuzzy’s going to get a little better every day, so hang in there, Boomer! By spring, he’ll be back to normal. You’re a good friend….course, Beagles always are. :o)


  5. Magic thoughts headed your way! Tell Fuzzy that he can be glad of one thing–no parasites right now. Flies and fleas are either dead or holed up somewhere. This way he can heal in peace and not be pestered by them.


  6. Such good news Boomer. A little walk each time will do Fuzzy the world of good and what a great friend you are to him too. That’s quite a big scar, hope it doesn’t annoy him.
    Magic thoughts continuing to be sent. All the best and cheerio for now 🙂


  7. WOW, that is a big incision!!! He looks good out in the snow. He’s lucky to have you, Boomer, and a Mom and Dad that care so much about both of you. Have fun!!


  8. Boomer, I’m glad to hear that Fuzzy is slowly getting better. I’m sure the good care you and Mom are giving him is helping a lot. I hope the two of you soon have some adventures to share with us. In the meantime, don’t get too cold! Lots of Magic Thoughts coming your way.


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