January 16, 2013

I am ever so humble by all of the wonderful Birthday wishes!  Everyone of you have made me feel very special indeed.


It is still cold here.  The back door always has ice on it when we wake up in the morning, ALTHOUGH, it was warmer last night….it only got down to -5*.  I’ll take it!  The closer to zero the warmer it feels.  Of course ABOVE zero is really nice.


The rancher has moved his spring’n heifers onto the farm.  The dogs and I have enjoyed these delightful ladies.  (a spring’n heifers are female cattle about to have their very first calf. They are first time-to-be-Momma’s).


Since Terry had planted the corn all around the house this is where the cows want to be.  They like to sleep in one of the draws at night, then with first light they come walking over to the corn fields.


I delight in their looks of interest as I move around in the house.

At first the dogs tried barking the cows away from the fence…the cows just looked at them as if they were some annoying fly or something.  What’s a house dog compared to a coyote?

Come on, now get real!

No more barking, but the dogs do go and sit by the electric fence watching the ‘girls’ as they munch along enjoying the dried corn stalks.

If the weather man is correct…happy dance…we have a warm-up coming by this weekend. Anything around or above 32* will make for great delight for me.  I have fire wood to sort, chicken pens to clean and hay to haul in closer to the house.  Not doing it in bitter cold will be wonderful.

Then again….do I want to do it in mud!?!?!


It means I don’t have to wear five layers and a hat and hoodie to ‘get’er done’!



22 thoughts on “January 16, 2013

  1. I enjoyed your pictures of ‘the girls’. I’m glad Fuzzy and Boomer don’t bark at them any more. I’m also glad our temperatures haven’t dropped as low as yours. But since three days of rain have just about depleted the fire wood in our garage, I’m going to be wading through mud with you.


  2. I still cannot imagine temperatures THAT low… My hands FREEZE when I’m working outside when it’s in the 30’s… I cannot imagine being out in something much lower…

    Glad you have some cows to entertain you these days –and the dogs of course… Glad you had a nice birthday….

    Take care, Linda, and try not to go outside in this frigid weather unless necessary.



  3. Our sun broke through yesterday and altho the wind is blowing the temmp is already 43 degrees. Won’t freeze our butts off at practice tonight!


  4. Nice looking heifers, Charolais? Especially in photo #4.
    Actually they also resemble Murray Greys, but I doubt that this Australian
    breed are found in your area.
    Some of your cold weather would be appreciated here, even some of the “mud” that you
    refer to. Thankfully for strange reasons, Brisbane still has not copped too much of the
    extremes YET!


  5. It is cool here also..but we are headed into the deep freeze next week…I am so not looking forward to it. So I will take cool..it was -11 this morning.. that is cool. Deep Freeze is much colder and we will not get ABOVE zero for daytime highs.
    Your new gals look real good and I bet they are fun to watch..good entertainment for Fuzzy and Boomer..I hope Fuzzy is getting all better:)


  6. Well, happy birthday belated. As a California Boy, I don’t think I would do well with those constant cold temperatures, just ain’t used to that. It got down to 26 here a couple of days ago and we were freezing!!! That would be a warm day to you right now. Also glad to hear Fuzzy is doing well. Always look forward to their reports on Friday.


  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine is Jan 17. For one day we are both the same age. We Capricorns need to stick together. Or freeze together. Ice on the windows here too. Love those big white cows.


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