Not to be Outdone

The city of Delta is the winter home to many Canadian Geese,


They are thick along the Gunnison River’s banks


and in the waters of the Confluence Lake.


One thing I have noticed, very few of the geese are coming out to our fields, (they used to), but now with the Sand Hill Cranes here, it seems the geese are staying ‘in town’ and letting the cranes be the country birds.  🙂


Along with the Canada Geese are lots of Mallard Ducks, of which I wasn’t able to get a photo of



And a Bald Eagle.


The Bald Eagle hunts along these banks, looking for the ducks…just the right size for a swoop and kill….yummm lunch!

Terry and I haven’t seen the Eagle in action, but people who live and work along the river has seen the Eagle making a very swift dive and hauling off a duck.

I think, if I were a duck I would look for a different place to spend some time.  Trying to hide in with geese is just NOT working!



For the geese this is just right…no hunting in town!  HA! HA!



15 thoughts on “Not to be Outdone

  1. That is just breathtaking. We always feed the ducks and geese at our local lake and they always seem hungry. Is it a dumb question to ask what all these guys eat?


  2. That’s a huge bunch of geese. Where do they come from? Canada I assume???? ha…. Poor little ducks… They do need to move on –if the eagles are out looking for them.. Yipes… But–oh how I love eagles…. Just nature I guess!


  3. You have a tremendous population of Canada geese. We see them like that spring summer and fall. The eagles are lazy hunters. They very seldom kill anything. Instead they pick up birds and fish that have died. We have many geese and ducks here all winter where the water is open on the river.


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