January 21, 2013

I tried to get the Sand hill Cranes in flight but no such luck.


Anyway, for those of you who enjoy these delightful creatures I give you the following:

Cranes-2A crane just landing….I hope you can see it



They are here all the time.  I took this series of photos around 5 O’clock in the afternoon

Cranes-5There are hundreds here in this one field.  The corn is field corn, not sweet corn.  Sometimes a group of birds leaves, but another soon lands…always a large, large number feeding at anyone time.

They also spend the night here, I guess they feel safe with the calves present.

Last night I heard coyotes from three directions ….







16 thoughts on “January 21, 2013

  1. I had a dream last night that someone was out the back shooting my coyotes and then throwing the bodies to his dogs.. horrible dream, I can still see the image, it was falling down snow, I was screaming out but they are my good coyotes!! Now the bad ones will come (from the pack out the other side) .. in fact it was not a nice dream, i am not sure why i am even writing it down.. I do love the cranes though, out in the fields with the corn and the calves.. how beautiful they must be..sorry, about the coyote dream! c


  2. Great pictures of the cranes, Linda! I would love watching them, too. I hear them fly overhead, but they are always on their way somewhere. They don’t get anything to eat off of cotton land. 😦



  3. Oh what gorgeous birds… So glad that they visit you there… Hope those darn Coyotes don’t bother them… Love your ‘sunny ‘photos… Supposed to go down to 12 degrees here tonight… That’s cold for us!!!


  4. Never noticed how well they blend in with the environment. They’re actually pretty hard to see. Must be nice to see them day after day.


  5. I remember hearing about how the Sandhill Cranes helped save the Whooping Cranes from extinction. Seems the whoopers lay two eggs and raise only one crane, so scientists took one egg out of the nest and gave it to Sandhills, who raised it with their own. I love your pictures, cranes, cows and the beautiful hills behind them!!


  6. I used to love listening to the coyotes when we lived on the ranch in Texas. We were in the middle of 250 acres in an old farm house, and at night the coyotes would always sing to us. I don’t hear them here, strangely enough. If we lived a little further out of the neighborhood, I am sure we would. I have seen two, both in well-populated areas, and I keep hearing about people seeing javelinas, right in town, but I haven’t seen one yet. Another friend’s sister posted a picture of a bobcat on her back fence. Oh well. Hope you are having a great week. All my best! Hope to get to meet you this summer!


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