Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another winter storm is heading into us by 8 O’clock tonight.  The cows spent all day eating  yesterday, until sometime after mid-night, stocking up on food encase the weather is too nasty to get out an graze.

Also, the coyotes were extremely busy…I could hear them in every direction.  I would much prefer NOT hearing the coyotes.  One reason they are so energetic is this is calving season…nothing tastes as good as a tiny, new born calf.  And we are surround with calving cows in every direction.

The rancher has brought up seventy spring’n heifers to calve out on our place.  Every day the dogs and I (if we walk-the cat) go out and check to see how many are ‘with calf’.


So far there are 11 new babies- with one set of twins.

By the end of the month, there should be seventy new Momma’s.


I keep thinking we might get cows again, but always the answer is no.  So for a short time of the year I get to enjoy these girls.  They are really rather tame for range cows, allowing us to move through the herd (on the four-wheelers), not running away.  If I am walking, they allow the dogs and I to skirt the edges as long as the dogs are right with me.



16 thoughts on “Sunday, February 17, 2013

  1. oh, that poor, big momma-to-be! yikes! i hate to hear the coyotes run through, too. i know our neighbors have lost a calf or two to them.


  2. Oh, those Ladies are READY. Gives me flash-backs of being nine months and WAITING. Still it must be fun to be a part of all that new life.


  3. Hi Linda, How fun to have the calves there with their mommas for a season and not to have to be totally responsible for them. I would worry about the coyotes too-probably check on the babies every morning. We are supposed to get some snow on Thursday-know we need it but I am ready for spring.
    Hugs, Noreen


  4. It’s a wonder the front lady can keep her balance as she is so wide! Yes, range cattle can be a little spooky . It they are handled several times a year and checked as you check them they calm down.
    Hope your storm is not too severe.


  5. So interesting about the cows, Linda!!!! I do have a couple of questions:
    -Since there are no barns, where to the cows go during snow storms?
    -How do the cows keep the coyotes away from their babies?

    Hope you have had a good week. We had an awesome week in Arkansas.


  6. That poor almost mama in the front is the biggest thing I have ever seen. I was talking to friends who have cows here and they had one to drop 3 babies. Two did not survive and they were bottle feeding the other one. I hope you will let us know how many that poor cow is carrying!!


  7. I was thinking that front cow in the second picture looks huge, too!
    We’ve heard coyotes around here, but only the neighbor across the street has cows. Haven’t heard of any losses there yet.
    Hope you get needed moisture. :o)


  8. I love to see those beautiful young mommas in your fields. They sure are a funny shape though, aren’t they? I hope they have easy births and no stinkin’ coyotes.


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