Each Hour of the Day and Night—-Sunday, December 15, 2019

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”– Henry David Thoreau, Walden Pond

Every day, we are so extremely blessed; besides a million or so heartbeats we enjoy

There are trillions of other wee gifts— such as the silence of the land

tiny little presents, of everyday joys;

gusting like small soft breezes,


as we move throughout the day

(and in some cases, the night, or almost night)

Sometimes I think I would like to ‘know the future.  To be able to turn the page, like we do in books’, then I tell myself–

Perhaps, I really don’t want that knowledge

I would miss the changes throughout the time I am living in

Therefore, I remind myself—until the cords of my soul are cut from my body;  I will wear out each hour of the day, with contentment and peace.

From my world to your heart,


Stillness—Tuesday, April 28, 2015

2I love the outdoors!  Even as a child I spend hours and hours by myself playing in Surface Creek, which ran behind our my parents home.  I enjoyed the freedom of riding my bike between our and my grandparent’s house. Walking through the cherry orchard, or the apple orchard looking for bird nests, or just laying in the irrigation ditches looking up at the sky, watching the clouds come and go.

Today we would say: “Becoming one with nature.”  Back then I was just ‘being’.

3I still love the outdoors.  The energy and the feel of earth, the sky, the elements — still give me that same peace I felt as a child.

4Walking home from the other house last night I thought the sun and the storm clouds and the feel of the earth of marvelous! This is our house looking from the other house.

5I tried to capture, for you what I was seeing and feeling.

14Beauty was everywhere.

Iinto-the-nightYour friend on a Western Colorado Farm,



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Bean Harvest

Bean Harvest!  Dad and Mom sure have been having a hard time getting all those pinto beans out of the field.


First the belt broke on the auger (day one) so the hopper had to be emptied BY HAND from the combine into the truck.

That was a huge job.


Boomer and I took it seriously and stayed out of the way.


Besides it was really super-hot!  Super-hot like that just takes everything out of you.

Then everything was going along really good

Boomer and I were helping….


right after supper the folks headed back out and it




Rain is NOT good.


Everything grinds down to halt.


It messes up the whole works.

Dad said maybe by four this afternoon he can begin again…the rows of beans have to be dry, VERY DRY, to combine or the combine won’t pick up the beans.


The other sad thing about the rain is it rained on the hay.  Dad was going to bale first thing this morning, but now he can’t do that either.  Rained on hay is not good…rained on hay can ruin the protein of the hay.   Dad is up there checking out the hay to see how much damage occurred. 😦  (Maybe not much, as sometimes the rain will miss areas of the farm.)


It was muddy enough Mom walked up to do the irrigation so we ALL walked with her…

all three of us…

every step of the way.


The rain helped cool stuff off so the evening was rather nice.

Well, back to work…it’s warming up so Boomer and I

Sleepthink we had better get some serious sleeping


in before the work starts.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Another winter storm is heading into us by 8 O’clock tonight.  The cows spent all day eating  yesterday, until sometime after mid-night, stocking up on food encase the weather is too nasty to get out an graze.

Also, the coyotes were extremely busy…I could hear them in every direction.  I would much prefer NOT hearing the coyotes.  One reason they are so energetic is this is calving season…nothing tastes as good as a tiny, new born calf.  And we are surround with calving cows in every direction.

The rancher has brought up seventy spring’n heifers to calve out on our place.  Every day the dogs and I (if we walk-the cat) go out and check to see how many are ‘with calf’.


So far there are 11 new babies- with one set of twins.

By the end of the month, there should be seventy new Momma’s.


I keep thinking we might get cows again, but always the answer is no.  So for a short time of the year I get to enjoy these girls.  They are really rather tame for range cows, allowing us to move through the herd (on the four-wheelers), not running away.  If I am walking, they allow the dogs and I to skirt the edges as long as the dogs are right with me.



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — HAHAHAHAHA

Today is December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar….it is also our Mom and Dad’s 45th Wedding anniversary!

Sunrise 7:27 a.m. and Sunset 4:54 p.m. Day length 9 hours and 27 minutes—same as yesterday.

New Years 2009 012

Anyway…You want to know what is so funny?!



Bahahahah, laugh, snort, chortle, giggle, and snigger…roll on the ground funny!

We about broke open our sides we were laughing so hard.

Houston, Rocky and Balou just stared at us…they told us not to knock until we tried it.

BAHAAH, it still was funny!

Then Houston, told us in her warm, sweet voice…that they always get to go to town now, with the hats and coats on they don’t get cold and stay warm.  And they get to go walk the shelter dogs in town because they can stay warm.

“So there”, glared Rock and Balou.

That was okay by us…we both rolled in the grass laughing it was just so funny.

Then Shannon showed back up with the shelter dogs and….


!* AND*!



Mom made us put them on and wear them BACK TO TOWN, where everyone saw us!


I, the Fuzzy Dude, cow dog extraordinaire in THIS!!!!  Boy, as soon as we got to the park I rubbed mine off.  But Mom put it back on the second we got back into the truck.




“Mine felt really good!”   I, the Boom, kept them all on and even kept the coat on after we got back home!!!


Getting back in the house was the best. Those things came off and we could rest.


Fuzzy and Boomer

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yesterday a very brisk, cold wind blew the clouds out of the way, leaving us with a very, VERY crisp day.

This morning we are in another winter weather storm watch.

BUT…look at this!!!

As the wind was blowing one storm away from us I saw an extremely rare site.

(At least for me in this part of the world)

A winter rainbow in the west…


I was extremely trilled!



The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —2011 Onward

It’s been cold here!  Very cold!  We got down to -7* one night. It’s been so cold that when you go outside, well, heck…your nostrils sticks together.  Now that’s a hard thing to do when you have a DOG Nose!!! 🙂

Freddy Fox has been seen out in the corn field hunting mice, Mom says he sure is beautiful, but he had better stay out there and not come inside the yard.  Then she looks Fuzzy and I straight in the eye and says: “You boys had better guard the chickens well!”

We wag our tails really hard and look sincerely back into her eyes and try with everything in us to tell her ‘WE WILL!”

The snow is still pretty deep, but we walk with Mom every day checking out things, yesterday I went by myself over the hill and the dale clear to the coyote area, sniffed around a lot.  Sure were lots to learn….two of the coyotes are going to have pups, coyotes are pretty interesting.  When Mom found out I was out there she called me to come home.  I sort of got in trouble for bothering my neighbors.  She said now the coyotes have MY sent and she hopes they don’t come looking for ME!

Who would have thought such a thing?

Then last night Dad came inside saying the coyotes sure where whopping and hollering over in the coyote dell.  Mom gave me a very stern look.


Some people just don’t understand that I won’t get hurt. I’m just interested in learning things.

Shish!  Huff!  Stomp, Stomp! Huff!

Every evening the fog rolls in, and then in the morning we have hoar frost everywhere.  Pretty but COLD!

Then yesterday we had a change, it warmed up to 34* and we got MELT!  Melt!  Whoo hoo!!!

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Since it’s the end of the year Fuzzy and I thought we would give you our Goals for 2012

  1. If the going gets rough…hang with your people—they will need you
  2. If you see your people upset, roll over and let them pet your tummy.  They will forget whatever it is that is making them frown
  3. Always be ready for a walk.  Be sure to take your people, they forget to go outside and smell the smells and see the footprints on the earth
  4. Every time you see your loved ones put on a happy face, wag your tail, wag your whole body…everyone loves to be loved
  5. Don’t worry about the little stuff….heck; don’t even worry about the big stuff.  Be happy right where you are.
  6. Sleep as close to your people as you can get, it always produces sweet dreams
  7. If you are tired, take a nap.  Works wonders every time

Happy New Year Everyone….2012 is sure to be a great year!

Boomer and Fuzzy

A Walk to Our Mail Box


Along the way I saw….


Big birds eating corn in the corn field, are they cranes? Are they Blue Herons?  They kept moving away from me, I wonder why?





The sun shinning through the clouds on Eckert and Cedaredge -these are little towns at the base of Grand Mesa, the largest flat top mountain in America.





And a group of cattails which took up living quarters on the canal bank.

This is not a long walk, as some of you have, but it does give you an idea of where we live.  Thanks for visiting!