Sunday, March 3, 2013

Boy, is that ever nice to write….MARCH!  YIPPEE!

I received a delightful gift on Friday all the way from sunny California

TeaJanine, sent to me this wonderful mug, full of organic tea bags,

of(the tea is call Immune Boost- full of white tea buds, German chamomile, peppermint, ginger lemon grass, lemon verbena and cardamon. —Terry and I had a nice cup of afternoon tea that very day)


with a lovely note written to me on paper designed by her sister, a spoon for honey to stir the tea with from her daughter Jessica.


With the hope that whatever this thing is that I keep fighting will finally go away.

I am so surprised and pleased.

It’s true the world is full of friends…and all because of blogging!



17 thoughts on “Sunday, March 3, 2013

  1. Awesome, Linda.. There are so many wonderful people in this world –and we are blessed to know so many of them through blogging. That was so nice of your friend to send you the tea and accessories… You and Terry will enjoy it. George and I drink a cup of hot tea about 3 times a day now.. Delicious!



  2. Had a doctor tell me that Tumeric is the herb of choice to prevent cancer. He said, “A bit of tumeric on your cabbage or broccoci is nearly a guarentee you won’t ever get it.”


  3. What a thoughtful gift. I’m still fighting too and wish the appointment I have with my doctor on the 18th was sooner. None of the prescriptions have helped and maybe a good tea would do the trick. I’m sure spring will help too!! We have a major storm arriving on Wednesday and I’ll probably work from home. Six month mammogram is on Tuesday and will be glad to get that over with, You have a great week and enjoy your gift!!


  4. Looks like awesome stuff! I like good old black tea. I need my caffeine fix. I hope this peps you up and that life becomes easier.


  5. You were the wonderful friend first, Linda! ❤ I'm so tickled by your blog post. You're such a sweetheart.

    My daughter went to Vegas last weekend and came back with a nasty, nasty flu. She lived on that tea for a couple of days. I have to admit, strong ibuprofen helped more than the tea did, but at least it kept her hydrated. (She's all better now, btw.)

    I hope you are feeling better. Last time I had that bug, the doctor said 3-4 months was typical. I think your time is about up.


  6. What a lovely gift! I am so sorry you are still battling the remnants of your illness! I take echinacea sometimes, and Airborne is good too, plus zinc. (Haven’t tried Cold-Eze but it’s mostly zinc so it would be good). Maybe some doses of these remedies would help too. But, enjoy that wonderful tea!


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