The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Snacks

Apple-Tree…………….just as Mom came out of the back door I jumped up from my comfy bed in my outside dog house. I was just in time to see Boomer padding up to Mom, tail wagging.  We were both very glad to see Mom.  If you see Mom that means we are going to do something, go for a ride, go for a walk, something that Boomer and I don’t have to figure out to do.  Just be with Mom and see the sites.


She was on her way to check on the cows and the calves….GOOD!


We love going out to check on the cows and calves.  We don’t go unless we are invited…rule number 6…never go into the maternity ward unless Mom is with you.


Hank never gets to go…Hank has some pretty bad manners…like he wants to chase cars, he wants to chase chickens, and yep, you guessed it…he wants to chase cows.  So Hank has to always stay home and play with the little kids, which isn’t too bad of a deal.  The bad part of the whole ‘being outside alone’ thing for Hank is he has to wear a shock collar.


Boom and I have discussed this — after talking to Hank we’ve decided we are NEVER going to wear a shock collar so if we are told NO…we listen.


Anyway, we were off with Mom to the maternity ward…yep, lots of calves, then I caught a smell..hummmmmm a delicious smell…I poked my nose up into the air and gave a big sniff, then I looked for Mom and Boomer…they were was down the lane, I looked behind me…just the cat.. I knew just what I was going to do…I was going to get myself a little snack…




A dog doesn’t often get to have beef jerky, most of the Momma cow’s clean everything up, but sometimes a new mom will forget…then the afterbirth sort of sits out there and dries up and well…if I can ever find any…I LOVE IT!!!

I found some…and I was going to go get it and forgo the walk with Mom.

So off I went.


It was just about the time that I was chowing down on the beef jerky


that I hear Mom, telling Boomer: “DROP IT!”

“Drop it, Boomer! THAT IS GROSS, DROP IT!”

Yep, I knew just what he had found…nothing finer than MILK DUDS!  Little baby calves only eat milk from the Mom for weeks, takes them some time to get their little stomachs to the place whereby they can start eating grass and hay, up until that time their poop is delicious!


I saw Mom reach Boomer and then I saw Boomer running off with a nice pile of Milk Duds, then Mom got Boomer to stop at which time he dropped the snack.  Then I saw Mom covering up the snack with dirt and telling Boomer he wasn’t going to eat that then come into the house and throw up!


Then they started back toward ME!!!!

I had to hurry, I was only a little ways into my snack…my old teeth and jaws don’t chew as fast as they used too.  Suddenly Mom was there.


Dang it, so I did.

She then got hold of my collar (she already had Boomer’s collar) and we headed back home.



On the way we met Sam…he just gave us this look of — you guys sure are dumb.

Boomer told him, but they taste so good!

By the time we reached Sam, Mom wasn’t leading us anymore.  I sure wanted to turn around and give a wistful look at the Maternity Ward, but I was a little concerned I would get yelled at in front of the cat, so I didn’t.

Back home, Mom put us in the house.

Boomer didn’t throw up…he said he only got a little taste before Mom got there.

I suppose we won’t get to go to the Maternity Ward now for some time.




23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Snacks

  1. HA HA HA—Milk Duds????? That’s hilarious… YUK….. Boomer may ‘think’ that tastes good, but the tummy wouldn’t like it…. Guess Boomer wants that ‘shock collar’ too, huh????? ha

    Snowing some here today–but not much. Just flurries…


  2. Very funny 🙂 Nice to see all is NORMAL on your piece of heave Shoot any wayward coyotes yet? We have so many hunters can take 1 day! Not many hunters these days though so untill they bark their butts on peoples back stoop and eat their cats others will protect them 🙂

    Me so busy walking and dreaming of spring and then there is that #@&% BEAVER trying for the willow again he doesn’t know it will go down when I SAY SO 🙂


  3. Good morning Fuzzy…. and Boomer, Sam and your sweet Mom. I enjoyed reading your blog even if you were a bit gross at times!!!! Be good, now.


  4. I swear I can smell those “treats” now. Yuck. I love Same the Cat, just sitting there watching. He reminds me of my step-dad on the front porch, but less nosey.


  5. Dogs have no good taste do they! do yours roll in cow pats.? One of our cavalier King Charles’ was particularly fond of rolling in them, and then unbeknown to us would sneak into the house and roll on our bed – nuff said!
    The calves look so content and relaxed, bless them


  6. I’m sorry you didn’t get to enjoy more of your snack, Fuzzy. But it was definitely a good thing that you listened to Mom. Hopefully your banishment from the Maternity Ward won’t last too long.


  7. Our cow dogs never got to come in the house, they weren’t as well behaved as Fuzzy and Boomer. The worst mess I ever had to deal with though was my mom’s prissy little Yorkshire Terrier. Mikey would run out the front door and down in the fields. This was 30 years ago and the state did not require porta potties for the workers, so they went in the bushes. Mikey loved to roll in human poo, then he’d find a big batch of foxtails and roll in them to get “dry.” It took the two of us hours to get him clean. The second time he came back to the house smelling awful, with stickers poking out everywhere, I put on rubber gloves and just cut all his hair off. He was the nastiest little pooch, with a mind of his own. Good mouser, though.


  8. Sounds like you boys had a time of it. I suppose mom would let you eat those delicacies if you slept outdoors all the time. Which would you prefer? 🙂
    Tell mom thanks for taking baby pictures. SSooooo sweet!


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