Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Today I go to the museum.  I have found that I am guarding my time jealously for my ‘volunteer job’ at the museum.  It is something I enjoy that much.  I should finish up the journals of Mr. Ash today and get to start on some other absorbing project.


Terry is now plowing.  All spring work is right on time…we always start the second week in March.  This year is normal.


We still don’t know the water situation, but everyone is getting ready anyway.  Although, only 60% of the ground every farmer farms is only what is getting ready. (Did that make sense?)

If the water situation improves then everyone can plant more…we have until the middle of May to plant… until then we move forward with just the 60%.


The soil is turning good, just the right amount of moisture.

Old corn ground must be either burned off-then disked, then plowed,  or grazed down/disked up/ and then plowed.  We are NOT fans of burning….we believe in turning the plants over to improve the soil…manure is another great way improve soil  (We are still of the old school 🙂  )

This weekend Mr. Davis will remove the cows.  Then I will be cow-less again for another year.

So another day begins…our night got down to about 22* but today we are predicted to head up into the 60s.

Spring is finally here!



15 thoughts on “Wednesday, March 13, 2013

  1. I’ve never understood burning the field. It seems best to plow the organic matter back into the soil instead of having ashes to deal with. Maybe I’m missing something.


  2. The ground does look fertile. Looks like it may be a good spring. Hope they will be able to offer more water!!! How many calves did you end up with this year????

    Enjoy your day at the museum. I know how much you enjoy that.


  3. It’s good to see this pictures of Terry plowing. Hopefully the water situation will be better than predicted. I also think that the old ways are often better than the newer ways of doing things.


  4. Your soil looks really good! I’ll bet Terry enjoys the enclosed cab on his tractor..less dust and noise. I really hope you can do more than 60%…guess just time will tell, huh?

    They finished replacing underground pipe on my farm today..some of the irrigation water was still running through concrete pipe and leaking pretty bad. With the scarcity of water now, it sure doesn’t pay to have pipe leaks. We have to measure our water now, too, so they put a new flow meter in. The renter can now get busy plowing, too.

    Spring seems to be here, upper 70’s tomorrow and upper 80’s on Friday and Saturday. Even our nights are above freezing!



  5. Now what would you do if you wee here? Our snow is not melting and won’t start for a couple of weeks. Then we have to wait for the frost to come out of the ground. Then we take the no till seeder and seed. Things come fast after that.
    Anyway it’s nice to hear that somebody has spring and takes pictures of tractors in the field.


  6. Wow! Very exciting. That dirt looks so rich and brown. I am turning over my little garden spot with a shovel, adding ashes, manure and compost dirt. Have some seedlings in my grow house, but nothing big enough to put out yet. We’re planting a little patch of corn today, with more added a bit later. I took it in advisement that I need enough to encourage pollination.


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