The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Mom Said

Barking-All-NightAUGHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Fuzzy took us outside!  To sleep, I mean.  I go in and out as I please but for sleeping I much prefer INSIDE, unless, of course, yes…THERE IS SOMETHING GOING ON OUTSIDE!!!

Fuzzy said we have to go!

I said………. “Oh, please NO I love hanging out in the house!”

Fuzzy told me I needed to toughen up as our job is protecting the property…grudgingly I said… “Okay…”


So out we went.

Mom said if it rains or snows we are always invited back inside…I’ll be sure and remind her!!!

We’ve always got lots to do—


Now that the cows are gone our cousins can come over and walk with Fuzzy and I on the farm.


Sam hangs out with us, lots!  Sam and I love, LOVE, to roll in the dirt…see this dirty cat walking by, that’s Sam.  I get so full of dirt that the groomer says she is always surprised at how dirty I really am.  She says Fuzzy is never really dirt.


I’m not dirty…I just enjoy rolling on the grass!


The Raccoons keep on coming by…MOM SAID this is NOT good.  Raccoons love to eat trash (although, our trash is so they can’t eat it) and they really like a good chicken dinner.


(All of our chickens are locked up at night, tighter than a fist, so they are safe—Mom said.)

And they are mean!


Mom said:  “You boys have GOT to get your raccoon friends out of the yard and on to other pastures…you need to send them to the upper end.

You know what….THAT IS A BLAST!  Fuzzy and I are working really hard to get these rascals on out of here and up to the upper end.

We do have to be careful, because raccoons are mean…they will turn around attack if they want too…but so far we have it figured out….start running toward them barking, they head to corrals, by that time Dad is outside and Mom is right behind…when they come out they turn on the big yard lights, which scare the raccoons.

Five days now and no raccoons, which is good, once the corn gets to growing we won’t have them in the yard!


Yesterday, Mom came out the door, hollered “Let’s go” and off we went.  Going to town is always a cool treat!  Sometimes we get concerned that going to town means:

  • The Groomer
  • The Vet
  • Or some other thing we won’t like

But most of the time it just means GOING TO TOWN!


After we got home, Mom said: “You boys can come on it, I need to work on some stuff upstairs and you might as well help”, we thought it was a very good idea.


We are great helpers and we always do what Mom Says!



25 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday —Mom Said

  1. HA HA HA—Helping Mom?????? Looks like my kind of way to help!!!!! I need a nap too…. BUT–I’ll give you credit. You have done a good job getting rid of the raccoons. Wish you were in my yard –getting rid of ours now!!!!!!

    Enjoy being outside again… Today is a gorgeous day here.



  2. Yeah yeah, great helpers if your floor needs warming up! I didn’t know raccoons were mean, I thought they were just pesky. Our trash cans are coon-proof as long as the lid is down, so we don’t have much problem with them, even though they live in the gutter drain in front of our place. We used to have a neighbor from Bolivia, and he said they’d to catch them as babies and keep them as pets, to keep pests out of the house like a cat. My favorite story was the guy who put sugar cubes next to the pool for them: the coons would try to wash the sugar cubes before they ate them, then spent about 10 minutes trying to find their melted sugar in the water. *LOL* If you dislike coons, that’s a fun way to torment them.


  3. Boomer, I’m glad to hear that you always do what Mom says. That’s very smart. I’m also glad you have been successfully keeping the racoons out of the yard. I just hate to see the two of you working so hard in the house.


  4. Yup, getting rid of the raccoons is a very important job. Just be sure not to chase the black kitties with the white stripes. You’ll regret it.
    Glad you could help mom run her errands and keep the floor warm in the house. That’s also very important. 🙂


  5. Wow! You get to chase coons! Pickles and I never see them. Mom says they are down by the river and that they can stay there. Mom was telling us about badgers. Have you guys ever seen one? We haven’t, but Mom said once there was one in the chicken coop. She said it went to badger heaven. Something about lead poisoning. She said if we ever see one, we should let her know and that I am not to try to play with it. She says they are really realllllly mean.
    I like how you guys help your mom. It must have been nap time!


  6. That last picture…so sweet. Such good boys. We are having raccoon troubles here. One tried to move into the heated cat condo and eat all the cat food. Um…no one is trying to keep them out of here. They just watch him/her go in and out. Do you boys make house calls?


  7. I bet your Mom is glad to have help in chasing those raccoons! My guys had to chase away a possum this morning…and we live in the city! Keep up the good work and maybe you will get more wonderful trips into town…


  8. Ahh, I loved seeing those night shots… a real “Fuzzy and Boomer-eye-view”.
    You both had lots of fun getting rid of those raccoons by the sound of it.
    Cute photo of you both sitting up in the backseat of the car – am sure you had fun in town.


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