A Project With One of My Grandchildren

A man brought in two huge buckets of of fossils, Indian artifacts and just plain interesting things to the museum.  I asked Jim if I could could bring the buckets home to catalog them, instead of doing them at the museum.  He said, “Sure!”

So I asked my little paleontologist/anthropologist/rock hound granddaughter to come up and help me with the project.  She was more than ready…


We have several boxes of all sorts of really neat stuff…even petrified dinosaur poo…(that was her favorite)  and some fossilized eggs, which were my favorite.


Many, many, many fossils and some really cool Indian things.

We were able to get it all finished and completed so I can take it back to the museum on Wednesday.



27 thoughts on “A Project With One of My Grandchildren

  1. Wow–that is so neat… You found lots of neat, neat things… How were you able to recognize the dinosaur poo??? Were some of the things marked —or did you and that smart granddaughter just KNOW???? I’m so impressed.



  2. Wow! That is just wicked cool! What a fun thing to do. Will you make a display at the museum? Can you take photos? Actually, photos of the museum it’s self would be fun if they will let you.
    Ummm, is it sort of warm there? I think that child is barefooted!


  3. Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t call me as I’m pretty weak with fossils. You have a great grand daughter who can help you out with something like this.
    Is it warm enough to go barefoot there already?


  4. Good evening Linda, what a fun project as well as learning experience to share with your granddaughter…a cherished memory for both of you…Hugs, Julie….


  5. Oh what fun!!! She will remember that forever!!
    Somewhere outside of Fruita, my Grandfather had found some dinosaur bones one time. When I was around 10-11 we took a fun ride up in his old WW2 Jeep. We went to where he thought the bones were, but didnt find them. Had an awesome! day though, bouncing around the desert in the back of that old Jeep, My cousin, sister, Mom, Grandpa and I. Used to love playing with Horned Toads when we went to Colorado!! I remember my cousin stepping on a cactus that day too.
    Fun memories. Oh and my Grandma used to collect Pinion nuts and make necklaces out of them. (At least I think thats what they were!)


  6. What a great influence you are…..who knows what this may lead to in the future. Glad to see you’re getting your crop in….I can’t believe it when I look out my window how much farther ahead you are.


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