Smoke Season

The whole problem with spring!

Today I’m sick.  Too much smoke yesterday.  So I spent last night with an asthma attack and hay fever…today it feels more like a cold.  Sure am tired of the long drawn out ‘not feeling good’ time.

Anyway, things should get better as a cold front is moving in late Wednesday night (I saw a sun dog this morning) complete with high winds and even rain turning over to snow.

The storm is supposed to move on out by Friday so at least the air quality here will improve!



27 thoughts on “Smoke Season

  1. Is the smoke from forest fires? I’m sorry you’re sick and know how you feel. My doctor put me on two inhalers twice a day yesterday and prednisone for 10 days and took chest xrays. If I’m not better in the ten days she’s sending me to a lung specialist. I wasn’t even able to enjoy the maple syrup cook off on Saturday as the family banned me to the house. Feel better soon!!


  2. yikes! we will occasionally get some of the smoke coming up from mexico when they burn off their fields, there. it can really wreak havoc on the sinuses and eyes!


  3. Hope you feel better soon. They lifted our burn ban, so am sure I will be smelling smoke one of these days. Some just ‘have’ to burn off their fields, it seems.

    We’re scheduled to get your front on Saturday…will be a cold weekend.



  4. Oh Linda, I am so sorry… Hope today is a better day for you. I can imagine how tired you are of not feeling well. God Bless You. Hope you feel better soon.



  5. Oh Linda, I am sorry to read you are down and out…drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest..I experienced “smoke” a few years ago when visiting family in Florida…extremely irritating to the respiratory system…Hope tomorrow is a better day…Hugs, Julie.


  6. Hi Linda, I’m sorry that you are bothered so much from the smoke-I have dealt with Asthma most of my life and realize just how difficult it can make life be. We had lots of smoke last weekend from the fire in Fort Collins-but it has been so windy here today that we can’t smell it anymore, plus it is almost out. So early to be fire season.
    Hope you feel better soon.
    Hugs, Noreen


  7. Did you get a photo of the sundog? They are interesting! I suppose that some farmers are burning their corn stalks..bummer..hope the weather helps to settle the smoke.. You have not felt good ( like yourself) for quite some time. I hope you improve soon:)


  8. I’m sorry to hear about the smoke and the problems it has given you. Hopefully the rain will clear up the smoke. Is the smoke from farmers burning their fields. Farmers used to do that when I was growing up in Indiana, but it has for the most part been stopped.


  9. Well, I don’t know whether to laugh of cry for you. You have smokey conditions which bother you and to get rid of the smoke you need cold and a storm. So I hope you get some rain with not the cold and that the allergies go away.


  10. AWW, LINDA. i’AM SORRY YOU ARE FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER! Ooops, ss for caps and I’m to lazy to re type. HA! Anywhoo, I made it to Colorado and I’m back on the “net! I will catch up reading your posts tomorrow. The monkeys have missed Fuzzy and Boomer’s storytime!


  11. The lilacs will be blooming soon and it would be a shame to miss that lovely scent. They don’t burn the fields here, but they do burn a pile of trimmings from the Christmas trees. This time they waited until the kids were on spring break because there’s a school nearby.


  12. I’ve clicked like, but don’t really like your news. That’s tough being sick again… hope you feel better soon, I don’t know how you keep up with your posts when you’re under the weather. May the weather improve, and you too…


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