An Ant-hill Made of Sticks–Update–Western Thatching Ant–September 20, 2014

Way up at the upper end, on the edge of the new alfalfa field, hidden waaaaaaaaaaaay back in the Chico brush live some very, very industrious ants.

Not only do that have a marvelous ant hill, they have painstakingly gathered many, many, many sticks to help hide their home from predators.

Here is the link to understanding what type of ant this is–



These seem to be black and red ants.

Ant-hill-2I have not idea if they sting, what they eat, or anything about them.  Although, I do like to randomly drop by and leave bits of table scraps — treats for the hill, so to speak — we leave them alone.


We happen to think that bugs are just as important to life on earth as, well, plants!


Happy Busy Tuesday!




24 thoughts on “An Ant-hill Made of Sticks–Update–Western Thatching Ant–September 20, 2014

  1. our county fair had an ant exhibit once calling them “The Garbage Men of Nature.” I’ve respected them ever since. As long as they stay OUT of my house.


  2. Their own wooden home!!!!! Never seen that before –from ants….. I’m not much of a fan of bugs especially right now, since I have bug bites all over me from working in the yard… NO FUN.



  3. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen an ant hill camouflaged with sticks. Perhaps they’re around but so well hidden that I haven’t noticed them. In any case, thanks for an interesting and informative post.


  4. Of course the twigs just make their anthill stick out more, but they seem to be okay. There is a hill of red ants right next to my parents’ driveway. It occurred to me that it’s been there since we moved in 33 years ago!


  5. I’ve had some encounters with the black and reds. I’ve see their ant hills get as big a bushel baskets. Yes, they STING. If they find their way up a pant leg they can leave a trail of welts that itch and burn for days. Still, I admire them and all their kind for their industry and their careful care of their young.


  6. We have black and red ants here is South Texas, that we call wood ants. They make their homes in rotting trees, wood piles and sometimes your house! They love to get in my hummingbird feeder that is hanging in my tree. Creeps me out when I open it to clean and refill it. I love nature, but not in my kitchen sink 😦


  7. How cool! Those ants build houses here with sticks also. Usually by a sage bush. and they get HUGE!! 🙂 Always hustling and bustling around with sticks, it is cool to watch them.


  8. LInda, what a gorgeous story… and what a fascinating ant-hill.
    We re being over-run with ants at the moment, the first time in seven years… in the food cupboards not good… if I can find where they come in I put down talcum powder which keeps them out…


  9. When I married a fellow who grew up in the city and he moved to my rural home, I caught him with a backpack of insecticide, intent on spraying. I told him we only bother the ants if they come in the house, and the big red kind never do that. He was always offended by insects, rodents, and even dust. It gave me some insight into a city mentality. He lasted out here for 25 years, then the ants won.


  10. Have seen those ants before, but never have witnessed them covering their mound with sticks. Interesting! My enemy here is fireants. Can’t tolerate the little buggers in my yard, not with flat-faced dogs who could swell up really quickly and affect their breathing. They can go to someone else’s yard. The ants, that is.


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