The Weekend

We spent Saturday and Sunday in Grand Junction at the soccer tournament.  The two oldest grandchildren were playing—of course we had to attend.  🙂


It was horrid cold, bitter, bone chilling wind, thunder storms and lightening which slowed the games down…..everyone has to leave the field until 30 minutes after the last lightening strike, and long.  We couldn’t stay for the last games of the day because of getting home to change water.

Today is still cool, jacket wearing cool, but no freezes THANK HEAVENS!! Everything is up and growing to have a killing frost now would be…a disaster!  (But we won’t even go there in our thoughts—tomorrow it starts to warm back up.)


I some photos of one of the males of the little hummers who are visiting the feeders


They aren’t the best photos,

Yippeebut at least a start!


I hope everyone has a great Monday.




15 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. Nice shots of your little hummer!! They are very tricky to catch a picture of…hit or blur!

    Too bad about the bad weather for the soccer games…I would just love to see a CLOUD! It’s nice and hot here. Two days over 100 and now today is a bit cooler…to be 91* Diligently watering everything.



  2. Those are some clouds at the soccer field! I hated spring soccer when the kids were little – the first two months we froze, and at the end it was 100 degrees. Fall season was more to my taste 🙂
    Nice catch with the hummer!


  3. You’ve had wicked weather this spring. Biter cold isn’t fun. It’s been nice and warm here. Even warm nights. We could do with some rain.


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