The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Fun and Entertainment

This is Boomer…I’m going to show you what Fuzzy and I do for fun and entertainment.  It isn’t all work here on the farm.  We do more than irrigate, sleeping as much as possible, and barking the mailman/FedEx/UPS guy down the road, and in Fuzzy case, barking at the birds!

Fuzzy LOVES this time of year because there are SO MANY BIRDS!!!!!

Sometimes…just sometimes, mind you we get to go on TRIPS!!!!

Just the other day was one of those SOMETIMES!!!

Dad loaded up me, Fuzzy, the three little kids that are our Mom and Dad’s grandchildren, and the little kid’s Dad into the pickup….Mom rode in the back with us dogs and kids.  Then our sister, Shannon loaded up Rocky, Balou, Hank, and Houston in the back of her pickup, the kid’s Mom, our other sister, and we headed UP TO THE PLATEAU!!!



(I don’t know that truck behind our cousins…it was just somebody who wanted to get around us.  Which he did right after the photo was taken.)

This is Mom’s favoritits place in the whole wide world—the Uncompahgre (Un-com-pa-gray with the accent on the pah) Plateau!

*Uncompahgre translates from the Ute Indian word; ‘rocks made red by water,” “Rocks that make red water,” or just plain “dirty water.”

*Though the place where this natural stream pollution occurs was originally one small mineral spring, the name was given to a whole tribe of Utes (against their will), a mountain, a river, and one town –which later repudiated it because hardly anybody could spell it, opting instead for Delta.

We were going to Lee’s Reservoir!



There was ever so much fun…stick chasing in the water (although, I DID NOT GO INTO THE WATER AS I DO NOT LIKE WATER that much).  But tons and tons and tons of cool smells!!! That is Houston you see by Fuzzy in the water NOT ME…I was with Mom!


Fuzzy enjoyed his time in the water very much…he never got out until it was time to go home.

Mom had to ride with a wet dog lying on her lap sleeping in the sun!  (She said she didn’t mind)

Then we got home and had to be checked all over for ticks…this is tick season.

Ticks are some nasty bug…ticks never move from wherever they land after their last meal…they just sit and wait until they get hungry ; they wait and wait until some warm blooded thing comes along and then they either hop on or drop down on the warm-blooded thing and start feasting.

Mom says ticks carry horrible diseases and are really creepy creatures.

Anyway, we got checked out, and then had a cool picnic lunch that our people shared with us. After we all got tired we went home and took long naps until it was time to IRRIGATE!!!





19 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Fun and Entertainment

  1. Wow—looks like so much fun!!! Isn’t it great when the entire family can get together for a short time just to enjoy life and the beauty around us?????? I am trying to learn to spell and pronounce that plateau… I said it outloud a few times –but it’s still not in my brain yet… ha ha



  2. Oh what lucky doggies you are.This is the first time that I have seen photos of you and I think that you are really beautiful


  3. Man, Boomer…you and Fuzzy do have it good! My grandkids had to make-do with a giant bucket and a hose today, ’cause we couldn’t get away from the gardens. If we’d come along with you guys, Sweet Cleo woulda’ hung out with you – she only likes water if it’s s-t-I-n-k-y! 😀


  4. Anyway guys, it looks like you had a very good time. My kids through a dog like fuzzy into the water one time and the dog (Norwegan Elkhound)couldn’t swim so the kids had to dive in quickly and get the dog out.


  5. What a gorgeous picture of children and dogs who all know how much they are loved.. Bet you had a lovely day with them all Linda… tell the grandchildren never to forget it, and they will probably remember it all their lives….


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