June 27, 2013

When we were up at Lee’s Reservoir a few days ago I took a photo of this beautiful old tree.

Old-tree-1I’m really not sure what type of pine tree it is, maybe Ponderosa or possible Yellow pine

Old-tree-2There was just something about it…the gnarled old trunk…the top, which was damaged at some point as it grew…that spoke to me.

I just have to share it with you…



It sure would be a lonesome world without trees, wouldn’t it?





16 thoughts on “June 27, 2013

  1. We have a disease called ash die-back which is just taking a hold here in the UK Linda. It means that most likely many of our ash trees will die. About forty years ago we had Dutch elm disease and almost all our elm trees died. A great tragedy in both cases. Trees are such wonderful things.


  2. That’s a wonderful tree. Cows would like to shade up under it. I’m sure little folks live in it. I would not be happy living somewhere that trees didn’t!


  3. Thank you for this posting. I enjoy all your postings, but I especially enjoyed this one. Old trees are so dignified and life affirming. How can one complain of one’s difficulties when that tree you photographed has survived, persevered without a mumbling complaint?


  4. Funny how one tree takes root in a spot. Maybe water near the surface. This one looks like it’s had some major challenges so it makes for excellent photos.


  5. I agree, the tree appears to have had a rough life. It is said that’s what makes them strong. It is a beauty. I agree, trees are necessary. I detest new plats of homes with not a tree in sight.


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