The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Heat Shimmers

We made it to OFFICIAL summer!

And it is HOT!

Not just any hot, but HOT, HOT, HOT!

It was 107* in Grand Junction yesterday and 102* here.

The heat shimmers off the land – even the crops look wilted and tired.  On top of all that we have HOT—I MEAN HOT wind.

Although, when the wind stops no one can breathe….yesterday the wind stopped, that is how I know.  Why even the chickens are panting. (Have you ever saw a chicken pant?  The pant just like a dog…while their mouth is open their necks move instead of their tongues).

Fuzzy and I pant and pant and pant.  Mom and Dad irrigate and Fuzzy plays in the water.  Mom even picked me up and put me —! ME! — In the water.

I hate water.

But…gosh…it was well…NICE!


Then we rode on the four-wheeler and dried off.

After that we had to go to town so Fuzzy and I begged and begged and begged so WE got to go with Mom and Dad.

The heat is rather wearing but getting to go for rides



Not only is it HOT, it’s also DRY!!!

Thanks for stopping by …. This coming week is the 4th of July…(Fuzzy hates the fireworks) but we just might not have some here as there is a fire ban going on….Mom said we will have to call City Hall and find out.


Everyone have a nice and safe and fun holiday!



27 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Heat Shimmers

  1. We used to always be able to have fireworks since we irrigated (beans/lentils). It seems like it was relatively soon after that when we’d start letting them dry, but it was always nice that we could enjoy the 4th on the Ranch.


  2. Pickles doesn’t like to get in the water much either but she wades a little bit. It’s hot here too, but not as hot as you have it. I HATE fireworks and Pickles doesn’t like them much either. We hope we don’t have any here. You guys, and your people, have a wonderful and safe holiday!


  3. We have hot here, but we had some strange white things move in from the west in the sky and then we had a little rain (good) but now we have humidity (bad), Strange days but better than cold.


  4. We are supposed to be about the same here today. I haven’t checked the temp yet because I really don’t want to know, but I have already taken two showers fully clothed and parked myself in front of a fan. They are predicting 108F (42C) for the entire weekend!


  5. You all stay cool! We’re suppose to have 100* temps next week too! UGH! Glad we got all the cattle work done. So are Smokey and Bandit! 🙂 Have a fun weekend!


  6. It seems a major part of the west is in a heatwave. some places have a high of 125 F. I’ll bet the water running down the ditch is warm.


  7. Oh, I feel your heat!!! It has been so hot here, too. Got up to 109 yesterday. I try to find a nice cool piece of cement in the garage to lie on. The flies are terrible here!!! And they bite!!! Mom sprays somethin on me, but I don’t like it much and go roll in the grass to try to get it off! 🙂 Hope it cools down for you and me. I don’t have irrigation water to go play in and cool down, glad you do.

    I don’t like fireworks either. I go hide in the farthest corner of the garage! But Mom goes to the kids to watch some fireworks, so we don’t have them here close by.

    Stay as cool as you can.
    Lucky (and my Mom)


  8. How hot is that in dog temperatures? Too hot, I’m sure. It’s only been in the 90s here, but the birds can be seen panting like that. It’s hard to keep water in the birdbath!


  9. It’s hard to even imagine your sort of hot dry weather, while we shiver with really bitter winds!
    Hope you manage to get away without any fireworks,. I hate them for all the creatures that they must frighten, especially the birds…


  10. Yes as bad as it is out in those parts who ever lights them off and starts huge raging forest fires should be hung! So much loss so much heat for you it is NUTS wonder if it will reach here we did have almost 100 degrees each day for the required stretch to be called a HEATWAVE! IN JUNE!

    Still going to rain here all week 😦 just not fair.

    Praying a new front comes through and makes for a wonderful summer for all of you out west suffering please be careful as heat stroke is serious for animals and humans 😦


  11. Oh NO, you guys are TOO hot.. we are looking at a week back in the 70’s and rain rain rain…pouring today.. My dogs are all sopping and muddy and filthy and I must wash the kitchen floor again because someone (TON) got scared by the thunder again and crept his muddy self inside.. c


  12. Oh Fuzzy and Boomer, I feel your pain. My AC units are running non-stop and Juno (choc. lab) has barely come out of the pool to breath. looking forward to some rain!


  13. Hey Boomer! Hey Fuzzy! Mom said I should tell you that we are sending magical thoughts for cooler weather and maybe some rain for you. We hope that the smoke isn’t making your Mom sick and that you have a nice holiday—where it’s cool.


  14. Yes, it got hot fast. Even here in the high side of Idaho it is uncomfortable. Makes me wish I could hang out my tongue and pant. Well, I could, but I wouldn’t look near as cool as you two dogs.


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