July 3, 2013


Today the Dog Days of summer begin and won’t end until August 11th.  I can’t imagine getting any hotter, but I guess we can.


I also was very mistaken about the Orioles not like the humming bird feeder


Robins are one of my favorite birds…I rejoice when they return each spring and feel a loss when they leave us in late summer early fall.


The night camera caught a feral cat that lives on the farm…he/she is extremely wild, but we do see it here and across the road and down at Misty’s.


Sammy doesn’t much care for this cat so I figure it must be a tom.

Heading out to weed, they are growing faster than my plants.

I hope you have a lovely start of the Dog Days!



26 thoughts on “July 3, 2013

  1. Thank you for taking the time to share. I grew up in Cederedge and I will always miss it.
    You bring me such a great treat of feeling like I am home for a moment in time.


  2. The supermarket was packed this morning early. Everyone has the same idea, do your errands early and stay inside until dusk. We are having humidity which we never have, on top of the temperatures.


  3. 2 days to weed my small garden using a hoe, a stool and a kitchen strainer 🙂 CRAZY
    I want one bright gorgeous sunny day and I hear the weather may head WEST how does THAT happen probably only as far as Ohio valley 😦


  4. Yes. I though that cat was a coyote! Its HUGE! Yep, yard work today for me too! It was so hot here yesterday, the cows were panting and the birds had there beaks open. Turned the sprinklers on for the birds, they loved it!! Have a good day!


  5. That cat looks huge! The Gus thinks that it’s pretty cool to have over a month dedicated to DOGS!
    I made one bale earlier but it was damp, It’s going to be mid 90’s today and we have a hot dry wind so the hay should be ready to go by now. Off to bale. Have a nice day tomorrow!


  6. I love the petunias in that old container. We have oriels here too (at least I think that’s what they are) plus cardinals and blue jays. It always amazes me how colorful they all are!


  7. Lovely photographs Linda. As I read your blog more and more I am building up a picture of what it is like where you live. I don’t know how you stand the hot weather – or how the crops manage.
    I love your robins – I have seen them on various visits to the US – they are very different from our robins here in the UK.


  8. I wish our yard looked as good as your garden. I think the weeds have over-taken part of it. I noticed Sammy was helping you. Do you think I could get him to come out and help me?


  9. The Delta County Independent did a great article about you and your blog. I’m glad you didn’t stop writing when you left DMTC. I enjoy reading about what you are doing. It’s a nice way to keep in touch with you:-)


  10. Don’t know how I missed that old boiler with the petunias in your other shots – I used to have one just like it, only I had pink petunias in it! I left it at my mom’s when we moved cross-country almost 20 years ago, and I think she still has it…unless she gave it to you? 😉
    Happy 4th to all of you!


  11. Hi Linda, We are still wet and cool here… Doesn’t feel at all like July. They are canceling many of the 4th of July celebrations and festivities around here. We may get another FIVE inches of rain… GADS!!!!!!

    Speaking of weeds, YES–they love this wet weather… AND–they try hard to take over the flowerbeds…. Right now, they are winning…. ha

    Happy 4th.


  12. Linda, guess what I just saw on the back page of the newspaper!?!?!?! I couldn’t believe it! What an awesome article about you and Terry! I felt like I was reading a story about kinfolk. 🙂 Way to go! Very interesting article, too.


  13. We are having cooler days this week. We’re to be back close to 100 by Monday. Hopefully, you will get a reprieve from all that heat soon. Great pictures of the oriole and robin…they are both so pretty. You’re garden is lovely!

    Hope you have a great 4th of July!! Blessings!


  14. Hi! Was so pleasantly surprised to see the Back Page of the paper today! What a great article that was! Couldn’t wait to finally get to share you with the hubby. 🙂 Glad to see your blog getting the recognition it deserves. Congrats!


  15. Warm here too and humid..but not near 100 yet. Here in Minnesota the Dog Days of Summer come about August 1st. I always thought it meant that it was so hot you wanted to be like a dog and dig and hole and hunker down in the cool soil until it cooled off:)


  16. I never knew there were actually dates for the dog days of summer, though I’ve often heard them called that. Your garden looks good! The weeds are rampant this year.


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