The Meaning of Dog Days and a Happy Fourth of July

To explain the meaning of the statement of the ‘Dog Days of Summer” — The Old Farmers Almanac lists the traditional period of the Dog Days as the 40 days beginning July 3rd and ending August 11th, coinciding with (at sunrise) the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius.  The days are associated with very hot weather. Sirius is the “Dog Star” because it is the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major (Large Dog). Sirius is also the brightest star in the night sky.  I know so little about the stars but I learned this long, long ago from my maternal grandfather, William Hobson Thomas.   He didn’t use the fancy terms naming the constellations, my curiosity lead me to find that out in high school, but he did tell my brother and I about the Dog star.  I could probably do a Google search, but this will have to do.


Our corn is more than knee-high (by the Fourth of July) which is always a good sign.  The weeds are growing rapidly also!

Thank-you everyone for the gentle comments about  our story on the back page of the Delta County Independent.  It was a lovely surprise when Pat Sunderland called and asked if she could do a feature about us.

Anyway, here is hoping that everyone has a great Fourth of July!


Terry and Linda

Fuzzy and Boomer

Sam the cat and Monkey the cat who never goes outside


24 thoughts on “The Meaning of Dog Days and a Happy Fourth of July

  1. Linda, I learn something new every day…I did not know about the ‘Dog Days’. Just thought it was an old saying. Thank you for the explanation! Your corn looks great, so do the grandkids! I just read the article on you and Terry, it’s a great article. Glad you put a link to it. I feel very privileged to personally know you and Terry!

    Happy Independence Day to you and Terry and all your four-legged friends.


  2. What a great article in the paper. How cool is that! Your corn looks great. And look the “weeds” have clothes on! 🙂 hehehehe
    Have a great 4th. Be safe out there.


  3. Your Little People will soon be lost in the corn! It looks great. I looked up the article in the paper and it’s just wonderful! And, it’s so nice to SEE you!
    Warm and muggy here this morning and didn’t cool off last night. Hail weather. I hope I can get the alfalfa and the hay barley down before it does. My neighbor lost all of his dry land hay from hail a couple of weeks ago.
    You all have a wonderful holiday!


  4. The article about you and Terry was wonderful. Your blog brings back memories of growing up on dairy farm in WI, except the irrigation, we didn’t have to do that, just had to pick rocks.

    Have a great Fourth.


  5. Hi Linda, Great post . I always love reading your posts –and today, I enjoyed reading about you and Terry and your life –in the Independent. That is SUPER—and I feel honored to have met you both and consider you good friends….

    Glad your corn is doing well. We saw some on our last trip that was not ‘knee high’ yet…..

    Happy 4th..


  6. Yay for the corn! Thank you for the link to the newspaper article … I loved it. You are such a great ambassador for your area and for farming …and you have more followers than your # shows (at least me…I’ve never learned how to follow..I just keep all my favs on feedly (now, it used to be google reader). Anyway — I had a blast catching up here as I wait for picnic time; my part’s all done!

    Happy Fourth! And thanks as always for sharing.


  7. Would love to have been able to see the article Linda…
    Loved your explanation about the Dog days…
    When you have time you might find it intriguing to Google the Dogon tribe…!’ll be fascinated to hear your thoughts….
    Your littlies look adorable with their granpa in the corn… not quite as high as an elephants eye!


  8. Good story about dog days of summer. I did a post one time called Dog Days of Winter. I know I was stretching it.
    I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July.


  9. Don’t often comment, but read everyday. I too learnt something new today. Great article and keep on blogging 🙂 Laura


  10. What a great article! Now, you are my famous friend. Did you ever think when you started your blog it would come to this?


  11. Looks awesome but HOT at your place hot here now tropical with all that rain but corn is so short I will not show it maybe 10 inches and I started it early guess I can be thankfful it came up and did not rot 🙂


  12. I did not know that about the dog days and the dog star. Very cool! The newspaper article is great! You truly are an asset to your community…and the whole blog world :-D.


  13. The corn is looking good. I remember my dad saying, “Knee high by the 4th of July.” I wonder whose knees they measure by? 😉 Thanks for explaining the dog days of summer. I’ve heard the term, but never knew what it meant.


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