Sunday, August 4, 2013

And the rains just keep on coming…………

We are having so much rain that the ground is now saturated, which is good and bad.

Good because the rivers that usually dry up in the summer have water in them again.


Good because everything is green, even the desert.

Good because I don’t have wrinkles right now 🙂

Bad because the weeds are growing fast, faster, and fastest!

Bad because the ground is soaked and the puddles are growing moss.

Bad because we now are having flash floods.


Water in the hills, mountains, knolls, and the plateaus are now finding dry gulfs and washes causes flash floods.

Since the desert is so lush and green and full of water, there really isn’t any place for the thundering, spilling roaring water to go…a short time ago a huge flash flood roared it’s way across Highway 50 between Delta and Grand Junction…the effect was amazing.


Water and many splendid thing and also very dangerous!

My Mother grew up in Corona, New Mexico, where they (as children) would play by the many arroyos and dry washes close by.  She always cautioned us to never play in them as a flash flood could come any time.  She also said you can hear the water coming.  Then the towns people would come out to the edges and peer over the sides at the rocks and trees being carried along from the hills far away.


These photos can give you a small idea of what we just saw and what she used to talk about.

Have a good Sunday everyone!





23 thoughts on “Sunday, August 4, 2013

  1. Holy Cow! It is a good thing and a dangerous thing. Its nice to see the dried river beds filled and flowing, but not the roads! Sheesh! Be safe. Happy Sunday! 🙂 We had an inch of rain in a day and a half! YEA! Refreshing.


  2. Was the one photo near Fool’s Hill – close to the turn-off to Dominquez Canyon?

    We’re thinking of coming your way next weekend…may go check Durango, then get some Olathe Sweet, then to Palisade for peaches.

    I have to start back to school on the 20th. Cloudy’s nephew is here. He has orientation at CU Denver on the 14th. He is a very nice young man, almost 23 years old.



  3. As we hunted the washes in Arizona I was thankful it was Nov, Dec and Jan and we got NO RAIN but we did see some snow 🙂

    I hope you will be safe we know all about RAIN, WEEDS and Flooding 😦


  4. Oh my gosh be careful out there. I have always laughed at those signs around where the kids live and in Arizona… where they say ‘in case of flooding head to higher ground’….(who wouldn’t have the common sense to do that?). Well, anyone who saw your pictures here would certainly know what the signs meant.

    I hope the rains stop soon — and seriously, be careful.


  5. So this must be some kind of record precipitation for that area. With hard clay soil it would be difficult for any more to go into the soil. Maybe you’ll get a fourth cut of hay?


  6. Sometimes i wonder what would happen if farmers could control the weather instead of Mother Nature. I know it would sure take a lot of the gambling out of farming. No dice rolling at planting time and harvest. Sure would be nice to get just enough rain without all that wind—etc. But where’s the fun in a life with no challenge? I saw a flash flood while visiting the Grand Canyon– a dry gulch turned to rolling, flowing red-mud pudding full of debris in moments. We crossed the bridge before it washed out and then went back to take pictures. Yes, Nature is awesome in so many ways.


  7. You sure are getting the rain! How are the pinto beans handling all the moisture? Will they be late in drying out for harvest?
    Your pictures of the flooding are really good, Linda. Flash flooding in the mountains can be really scary. I was in a cabin by a creek in 1969 when one came through and I couldn’t get out to the road for a full day. It came thru with a roar in the middle of the night!

    Hope you get all the rain you need and then it stops! Take care.


  8. Good golly! In that last picture, I can’t make out what I’m seeing. It looks like one highway is significantly higher than the other, and that the water is trapped on the upper highway?? I hope it stops, soon!


  9. Wow, we sure know what you mean, after our flash flood this year. I would almost rather have floods than flash flooding, at least with floods you can have some warning.


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