August 5, 2013

Sorry I’m late today…I had a bit of a family emergency that took my time.  All is okay now, but we had a bit of juggling act for a few hours there.One-cloud

The clouds are rumbling and grumbling across the plateau as I write this, so the possibly of another storm is in the making.  Maybe it will just stay up there watering the flowers and trees.

Although, we Do NOT raise sweet corn our neighbors do so we are always concerned how it’s going for them.  Since sweet corn has a very tiny window of sweetness they are having to harvest if in the mud and rain.  Lots of mud…the tractors are having to pull the trucks through the fields then the trucks leave huge wads of mud on the road.  After each field is done, then they run a blade down the road cleaning off the mud.   Harvest is always a tad stressful, I must say.

Anyway, I hope to get caught up and back into some sort of routine again soon.  Please know that I still have all your comments and will be answering them as I have a spare moment here and there AND I will be visiting each of your blogs!


Like a man told me awhile ago…everyday we have a choice to either be happy or to not be happy…for life happens and things get rough so you can either approach everything with a calm smile or fall apart.

I going for the calm smile and happy feeling!

Have a good one everyone! I’ll be around to visit you soon.


15 thoughts on “August 5, 2013

  1. What a great attitude.

    I hadn’t realized how the delicious sweet corn in the market had to be harvested. I did know that the sweetness was gone in a short time because when i was a child we raised our own sweet corn. We would boil water and then go out and pick it. The new corn hybrids probably have a longer window of sweetness than what we grew back then.


  2. Glad all went ok with the emergency. Like your attitude. Hit it head on with a smile even if you wanna scream and tear heads off! ha ha! 🙂 That’s my motto. Smile, smile, smile!


  3. wow, what an incredibly brilliant and deeply sensible thing to say.. either to be happy or not to be happy.. our choice.. that makes so much sense.. that sweetcorn, sprayed every three days then only a few days to get it all in.. must be so stressful.. mine is all about done,all pig food now and they LOVE it! No need to answer my comment Linda darling,I know you are there, and all will be well.. that is all i need.. take care now.. c


  4. It’s really tough when it gets super wet at the wrong time. a few years ago we had a silage truck sink in the mud on only one side and it upset.


  5. Glad to hear everything is ok. The neighbors sound like they have a lot to deal with. I can’t imagine the stress this time of year. I like the idea of a calm smile.


  6. Hope all continues to get better for you and family…and that the rain does what it is supposed to do. The philosophy shared by your neighbor is what I aim for as well especially when things get complicated. But he (and you) worded it better than I knew how to do.

    I am ALWAYS late reading, so it never occured to me to be worried that you are late posting. Take care!!


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