The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Swallows Left

Yesterday, while Mom was washing the windows and the screen for the Living Room and the Dining Room the Swallows left the corn field – flinging themselves off the top of the corn tassels and into to the air to land on the electric lines way above our heads.

They gathered in huge bunches.

Mom hurried in to get her camera.


But well ….. I barked and barked at them — and they flew away.

I was sad.

So was Mom.

Mom said she wasn’t mad at me, she was just sad because when the Swallows leave the Hummingbirds will be next. After they leave it will start to freeze and the snows will come with huge winds that rip your face off your head.

She gave Boomie and me a huge hug and went back to washing screens.

We’ve been working with Dad in the New Hay field for several days now.  The hay just wasn’t drying down.


This is Dad checking the hay to see if it is dry enough to bale.


Yellow Strips where the hay laid until it was dry enough.




last night we got the last of the hay bales




and Dad


got all but two loads hauled in.


Altogether he has ten loads!!!   COOL!

He is hauling the last as I write this!

One of the raccoon’s ran through the yard last night….

Boomie took off after him, so today Boom says his knee is hurting rather more than usual.

Hop  Mom gave Boomer lots of pets and a dog aspirin in a SAUSAGE!!! (I got one also, but I didn’t tell Boomer!)

Well, the day is warming up nicely and I see a really nice hole that has my name on it.  Boomer is resting his leg, but I think I’ll rest my eyes!


Talk to you tomorrow,




23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — The Swallows Left

  1. Thanks, Fuzzy, for showing how Dad picks up the bales of hay. We didn’t have a nifty machine like that when I was growing up, so we had to load the wagon by hand. I’m glad you got a sausage when Boomer did, but I think you were wise not to tell him. Have a good rest during the heat of the day.


  2. Hi Guys! Mom has been watching the birds too and worrying about the end of summer. She says as soon as there is ice on the river we will not have sticks in the river till spring! I’ll miss that. But it is supposed to be up in the 90’s to morrow so I’ll get some swims.
    Boom, does swimming/wading in cool water help your knee?
    Mom was a little under the weather for a while but she is better now. Just wait till we show you what she had done!
    The Gus


  3. We are sad too that your birds are leaving and winter winds are on the way. We get a lot of birds in our yard during the winter that come down from the mountains.


  4. In Bulgaria where l live you can tell when Spring arrives because the storks come to nest. We also know that once the storks have gone then summer is nearly over and autumn is not far away….just like the swallows who have been and gone. Soon we shall all be bringing in the wood ready for the winter fires…life is good and the seasons brighten the year. Hope Boomer, s leg gets better soon


  5. I am intrigued to know what that hay is made of Linda. Here in the UK hay means one thing only – dried grass. We can’t really see what is being dried in the picture – can you enlighten us please – it is fascinating to see how different your farming is from ours.


  6. Fall is in the air! Our black birds get in massive swarms and high tail it outta the country. Not having to fill the bird feeders up as often. And the quail are bringing their little ones in the yard to show them where to get the crushed corn I put out. I love watching the hay retriever, retrieve and stack the bales!


  7. Hi Fuzzy, Don’t feel badly about barking… Sometimes you dogs just have to do what you have to do… Right??? Glad Mom understood…Tell Boomer that he needs to stop all of that hard running… Bless his heart. Glad Mom gave you a sausage also though since you are a good doggie!!!

    Glad your parents got all of the hay bailed… YEAH!



  8. My swallows are still here, they were dive bombing the bugs above the pool last night. With our dinner table now in the covered verandah on the North side we see a different variety of sights whilst eating. I love the dogs sleeping under the trees, perfect mid afternoon shot. Thank goodness the hay is in, another sigh! c


  9. I am hoping to draw in more swallows here next year. Been interesting to watch everyone’s posts on when theirs are leaving this year.


  10. Good looking hayfields, Linda. Reminds me of the days back in the ’60s when we’d get summer jobs hauling hay they old-fashioned way out in the Gunnison Valley and up on California Mesa. Two guys on the ground “bucking” the bales up on the trailer and a third guy stacking them on the trailer. The farmer usually drove the tractor pulling the trailer, and we got our “rest break” riding the full trailer back to where we’d build the haystack.
    It appears things are going better for you & family, Linda — I sure hope so, and that it stays that way. Here’s to lots of snow up in the mountains and a mild wind-chill all winter long. You and Terry take care.


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