Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I thought it would be fun to post a few photos for our very quick train trip.  I so enjoyed the train trip….Terry not so much (way, way, way too slow for him). I could do it again, just to see the scenery.  It is scenery you never see driving in a car, especially on the interstates. We met people who were traveling from the east coast to the west coast…four days and three nights of travel.  Some purchased sleeping cars and some slept in the seats of the regular cars.

The food was good, but extremely expensive.  $12 for a hamburger with chips, $3 for a drink, although water, ice tea, and coffee was part of the meal.  We only ate one meal on the train, but if you purchased a sleeper all of your meals were included—breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I’m always amazed at the engineering feats of those back in the late 1800 and early 1900. We rode on rails laid at the turn of the 1900’s the skills of those men to accomplish such a feat is stunning.

The trip from Grand Junction to Denver has several tunnels in it…I really can’t remember now – somewhere around 40-50, which is sort of cool.  And all of this created way, way back when, when the tracks were first laid.



This is Glenwood Springs, Colorado…the river, the interstate and the pool are all in front of that beautiful building

GrandbyGoing to Denver we went to Granby then on to Frazier and Winter Park.  At Frazier and Winter Park we had an hour and a half stop waiting for repairs further on down the tracks.  Winter Park and Frazier have really grown up over the last 5 or so years…lots on new buildings, mega mansions, and condos.  I was surprised.  We also had to stop again for thirty minutes which made the train get in 1 1/2 hours late.  Coming home we had no stops and arrived on time in Grand Junction.


Leaving Denver we could see the inversion that had settled down over the area.  It was extremely cold in the city.  We were there only one night, but since we were right on the 16th Street Mall the cold didn’t stop us from having a special time just for us.


There was snow in Glenwood Canyon on the way back, but it only reached the top of the canyon


To be truthful I enjoyed just looking at the highway and NOT driving on the highway! 🙂 🙂


The corn harvest is starting to wind down today or tomorrow we will be finished.  HOO RAY!!  The weather has been beautiful the whole time.  After the combines messed up and all of you put for your collective thoughts Terry was able to fix the thermostat and move steadily forward.

The motor is now using oil so he will have to change it out or over-haul it.  That will be the next project…that and checking fences.  Thanksgiving is the beginning of pheasant season…we have NOT had any pheasants for several years now (the DOW planted fox in our area so the ground birds became yummy fox food).  But hope prevails as he saw two roosters and a hen while he was combining, we hope they are making a come back.

Even though we post the place there are those who don’t care they arrive leaving open gates and tearing down fences in the hopes of MAYBE finding something to kill.  With all that in mind we will head out and check and repair and post signs…sometime very soon.

Your farming friend,



17 thoughts on “Tuesday, November 12, 2013

  1. I think I would enjoy this train trip very much. I’ve only been on one train here in the U. S., a night train from Cleveland to New York, so I didn’t see much scenery. I did take several train trips during my visits to China, and thoroughly enjoyed them.

    I’m glad the corn harvest has gone well and is just about finished. I hope you don’t have to fix too many fences.


  2. Missed seeing you when you were here.

    Out of curiosity, how much was the round trip train cost without the hotel?

    I remember Gram and Grand Holder took a trip out to the coast – said it was interesting and nice but too long, too expensive and they’d never do it again.



  3. A good old slow train..bliss..time to think of days long passed, before the rush to race headlong into our lives.
    and of course living in such beautiful country, big, wide and wild..you really are lucky lady


  4. Well the Rail bed was laid in the 1900’s but the rails have been replaced a few times and are constantly under repair.
    I took the trip from GJ to Denver back in the early 50’s with my Father. It was the California Zephyr back then.
    I road trains in Tanzania EA from Dar es Salam to Dodoma then to Arusha. Then again from Dar to Nairobi while I was in the Peace Corps.
    While living in China [10 years] I was on the train many times for business travel. The new roads for road travel were built after 2003, now they connect every major city.

    Glad that Corn harvest is over.
    I used to hunt pheasants but up toward Austin and Hotchkiss.

    Trespassers have always been a problem. Posting is needed if you catch them red handed and call the warden and sheriff.


  5. Hi Linda, I’d LOVE that train ride. Since my Dad worked for the railroad, we got free passes back then. When I was 8 we went across country to my brother’s wedding in California. Since I was so young, I don’t remember too much. BUT–I do remember the ‘compartments’ we had part of the time (like an apartment on the train) —and I remember ‘berths’ and getting to sleep on top!!!!! I loved that trip –and wish I had have been older so that I could remember more about it….

    Glad your weather has been holding up and glad the corn harvest is almost completed…. We have a very cold day here today –and it’s going down to about 21 here tonight…



  6. I love train rides! Thanks for the virtual one. I wish there were more routes for passenger trains like there used to be. Hoo Ray for your corn harvest and good luck with those pheasant hunters. It used to be the job of the kids in my family to make sure all the No Hunting signs were posted on our farm.


  7. Love the train trip , thanks for taking us along. We took an Amtrak trip quite a few years ago and it took Bill a little while to relax and enjoy himself…at first he missed being in control I think. Now, we’d like to do it again sometime.

    Glad the harvest is progressing well and bummer about the hunters, jeez!


  8. I always marvel at the train tracks clinging to the mountains as we drive on I-70. Some day we’ll have to try the reverse trip. Mr. Dreamy is a train nut – that would be a fun surprise. I could kidnap him and load him on the train!


  9. It is both sad and annoying that people have no manners when it comes to such things.
    Congratulations on getting the harvest in!

    You have the most beautiful sunsets. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  10. I’d love to take that train ride, too. It’s sad people don’t care about others’ property. I hope the pheasants do make a comeback.


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