The Adventures of TLC Cai-Cai on Friday—-Leaves, Friday, November 12, 2021

The leaves fell off the big tree in the yard

And I loved it

I ran and jumped and had a blast in the yard

Then Mom came along and took all the leaves away


But I do like the grass, I like to lay in it and roll around

So, I guess it all works out!

TLC Cai-Cai

The Swoosh of a Wild Heart — In Two Ways — Thursday, November 12, 2020

The storms have finally left us…

heading someplace else

The little Gambel’s Quail families seem to be thriving. 

In spite of these things, who freely roam across all the farms in our area

Although, I am not sure if this IS a Gambel’s Quail.  His song sounds like one. 

Isn’t he beautiful!!!

I also got a lovely gift in my email this morning:

Hello there!
I just wanted to let you know that on this morning’s walk with Mouse, the Rainbow Bridge appeared, and I’m sure it’s because Boomer wanted to say hello to Mouse and also for me to tell you he’s fine, has lots of friends to play with, and he feels good. It’s not a very bright one, but that’s because the sun only came out briefly, and by the time I grabbed my phone, switched on the camera, and got the shot, it was almost gone.
I do miss that little Beagle very much.  Like all of you, I think he is happy now, which is a very good thing.
From my world to your heart,


In the Hidden Glimmer of Cloud Covered Moonlight—Tuesday, November 12, 2019

The sunset casting orange and pink lights along the Western sky; flinging light of soft pale pink, orange, and lavender in the East.

The full moon of November (the Beaver Moon) 

Rose quickly through the high, scudding, pink-colored clouds

Casting a half-light on the high branches of the freeze-dried leaves.

Shrouded in lavender clouds the full moon’s light

Petenerated, in a soft glow.

(And I was there to see 🙂  )

From my world to your heart,



Chasing Words—Sunday, November 12, 2017

Bringing forth words to convey feelings, or to describe a scene is sometimes …

A bit hard.

Searching my mind for those exact words which project what I’m seeing, feeling, or hearing

Causes me to pause for I wish to show to you the earth, the sky, and capture the feeling in words that is see, hear, and feel

Looking for that perfect word reminds me how limited my vocabulary really is–

To help you see (beyond the photographs) the wind rippling through the corn stalks, or


Or clouds obscuring the sun in the possible threat of rain

Or the golden leaves being pushed off the tree’s branches as the sap slowly descends to the roots

Readying for the long winter’s night.  I always think of this time of falling leaves as trees making haste slowly, every so slowly preparing for rest and a pause in breathing

The canal water is now gone.  Turned off to winter in the Blue Mesa Dam or clear up at Taylor Reservoir.  The silence of the tumbling churning water is as stunning as breaking glass…


For us our work is slowing, but not stopping.  The harvests are all in, paychecks will arrive sometime in December.

A whole season of farming from daylight to sunset and sometimes in the deep of night.

The perfect life for Terry and I—

From your friend on a western Colorado farm,









Not so Long Ago—Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ride-1Just before our first snow fall, to be exact.

In the thin, cold, but sunny air….

Ride-2The two of us were flying down the road, top off to the sky, flying close to the ground. The two of us in the same wind.

Your friend,



Huge Push and Insane Cold Wind–Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We are making a huge push now to finish up the house and get it winterized for the winter.  The wind that arrived around six in the morning is miserable and cold.  It’s so cold it takes your breath away and feels like your skin is starting to frost bite.  (I’ve read this wind is much worse in Wyoming and other places….brrrrrr.)


Terry and I wired the kitchen yesterday.  We have some more electrical work today, then I will dust, mop and vacuum and wash the windows (maybe) and I’ll be done.

I still have the trim to paint on the west and the north of the house, but I got everything done on the east and south.  I’m thinking that I’ll just have to wait to finish those sides of the house come spring…it’s for sure winter is here—EARLY.

As for the fence…we still have to work on the fence, but that will be after the corn is done and before the cows come in—the cows arrive sometime in January. There again I might not be able to get it painted, but at least we will have the places that need repair fixed…I’ll just have to wait on the paint for a warm day.


The weather is just too nasty to start combining…rain and snow are expected in here tonight to last until Sunday….Terry isn’t even going to even think about combining until this storm moves out.  So far no one else has started here, only the ranchers, and they feed with high moisture.

Well, off I go now, Terry is warming up from getting the stuff ready to take to the other house, while I finish this up.


Sammy usually loves to be outside, but today he ran out did his business; then waited for me to come to the door and let him back in.  He is toasting by the fire right now. 🙂

Sending all of you warm and toasty thoughts and wishes for a good day!

Your friend,


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I thought it would be fun to post a few photos for our very quick train trip.  I so enjoyed the train trip….Terry not so much (way, way, way too slow for him). I could do it again, just to see the scenery.  It is scenery you never see driving in a car, especially on the interstates. We met people who were traveling from the east coast to the west coast…four days and three nights of travel.  Some purchased sleeping cars and some slept in the seats of the regular cars.

The food was good, but extremely expensive.  $12 for a hamburger with chips, $3 for a drink, although water, ice tea, and coffee was part of the meal.  We only ate one meal on the train, but if you purchased a sleeper all of your meals were included—breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I’m always amazed at the engineering feats of those back in the late 1800 and early 1900. We rode on rails laid at the turn of the 1900’s the skills of those men to accomplish such a feat is stunning.

The trip from Grand Junction to Denver has several tunnels in it…I really can’t remember now – somewhere around 40-50, which is sort of cool.  And all of this created way, way back when, when the tracks were first laid.



This is Glenwood Springs, Colorado…the river, the interstate and the pool are all in front of that beautiful building

GrandbyGoing to Denver we went to Granby then on to Frazier and Winter Park.  At Frazier and Winter Park we had an hour and a half stop waiting for repairs further on down the tracks.  Winter Park and Frazier have really grown up over the last 5 or so years…lots on new buildings, mega mansions, and condos.  I was surprised.  We also had to stop again for thirty minutes which made the train get in 1 1/2 hours late.  Coming home we had no stops and arrived on time in Grand Junction.


Leaving Denver we could see the inversion that had settled down over the area.  It was extremely cold in the city.  We were there only one night, but since we were right on the 16th Street Mall the cold didn’t stop us from having a special time just for us.


There was snow in Glenwood Canyon on the way back, but it only reached the top of the canyon


To be truthful I enjoyed just looking at the highway and NOT driving on the highway! 🙂 🙂


The corn harvest is starting to wind down today or tomorrow we will be finished.  HOO RAY!!  The weather has been beautiful the whole time.  After the combines messed up and all of you put for your collective thoughts Terry was able to fix the thermostat and move steadily forward.

The motor is now using oil so he will have to change it out or over-haul it.  That will be the next project…that and checking fences.  Thanksgiving is the beginning of pheasant season…we have NOT had any pheasants for several years now (the DOW planted fox in our area so the ground birds became yummy fox food).  But hope prevails as he saw two roosters and a hen while he was combining, we hope they are making a come back.

Even though we post the place there are those who don’t care they arrive leaving open gates and tearing down fences in the hopes of MAYBE finding something to kill.  With all that in mind we will head out and check and repair and post signs…sometime very soon.

Your farming friend,