The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Boy, It’s Cold

And I do mean cold!

It’s so cold I can hardly stand to be outside!

Although, (yes you guessed it) Mom does make me go outside WITH her!

We always have to bundle up…Mom and I.

First Mom gets ready.

I just watch her…there is a slim chance I won’t have to go out if she is going out….If I just stay here by the fire she will forget me!

She doesn’t ever forget me!


So after she gets her jacket on, then her boots, then the big Carhart, and BEFORE the gloves she CALLS me…

“Come on Boom, it’s time to go outside.  We have lots of work to do and you need to help.”

I try to squish down on the floor and well, just melt into the carpet so she can’t see me.

It never works!  I get…

“BOOM!  Come on now, we have to go outside!”

So I slink over to her with a big cheesy grin on my face and my tail whapping the air…


“Here you go, Boomer!”



It’s done!  I have my coat on and we have go out into the frigid air…it was 3* this morning when she so rudely wanted to go outside and check on the chickens and the turkey and gather wood and feed the wild birds and well, tons of other stuff…

Guess what!!?

The coat does keep me warm and being outside is really nice…there are always lots of smells and things to see and do…

I guess Mom does know what keeps a Beagle happy!


Sometimes it’s more than a nice fire, or a snuggly blanket…it is a WARM COAT!!

Well, it’s 18* out there right now and Fuzzy and I are going for a walk to the combines…I smelled Freddy Fox’s footprints and came back and told Fuzzy.  He loves to go for walks; he just has to go slow.  I don’t mind going slowly (after I search everything out first).

Fuzzy is a buddy ever more.


(Oh, by the way…Fuzzy still likes to sleep outside.  Mom goes out and gets him and MAKES him come into the house for the night.  I think Fuzzy is really part Siberian Husky.




18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — Boy, It’s Cold

  1. Hi Guys! Boomer, you look really good in your coat! Mom makes me wear one too. Only yesterday I got away with out it. It’s a good thing ‘cuz I had to work. The cows were up here and Mom wanted them to eat in the hay field so they wouldn’t eat all the sheeps hay. They didn’t want to follow the feed truck so Our Guy drove ahead and Mom and I trailed the cows. It was FUN!! One of those cows tried to wipe her feet on me but I ducked and all I got was a stinky hoof on my shoulder. I’m getting good at ducking cow feet! Anyway, we walked them all the way down (it’s really only a quarter mile) and my feet got cold and it was so fun. Even if it was -25 degrees. This morning was much warmer..-12 and I got to ride in the truck. I get out with Mom when Dan rolls out the hay for the sheeps and cows. And when Mom chops ice on the cows water tank and Dan starts the pump engine( I like to bark at the starting part!) Yesterday we had to bring the engine up to the house to warm it up. This morning we used the branding torch. I don’t like that part.
    Anyway, you and Fuzzy stay warm and have fun looking for F. Fox. And say Hi to your Mom!
    The Gus


  2. Love your coat Boomer. It looks really good on you. Nothing like coming if from the cold and snuggling in a blanket! Stay warm! Its suppose to get colder and windier!


  3. Oh, Boomer… I love the idea of melting into the floor. I’ll have to try it when our mom makes me go out. Part of my problem in going out is that Tucker wants to play and he plays too rough. Some times I have to get darn right angry and speak harshly to him to tell him I mean it. I don’t have much hair… not like that Fuzzy. I would sometimes like a coat like yours. Especially when the temperatures make the snow squeaky.
    Stay warm!


  4. We are feeling your pain. -10* yesterday. Instead of running my errands after a dr appointment I came back home and made chili!!
    Did you know that it was 5 years ago this week that Daryl and I stopped by your farm??? Then it was a warm balmy day!!! Til we made it to WY and back to SD. I have been longing to be at Phoenix again with this frigid weather.


  5. Boomer, you look very nice, and warm, in your coat. It is very cold here, too. Down to 4* this morning!! Lucky and the 3 cats are all snuggled together on some nice cushions in the garage. They seem to like it in there and the temperature has not gotten below 40 in there. Lucky will race me to the mailbox, which is good for a 11 1/2 year old dog. We are now having a heat wave of 16* this afternoon!! Will be bitter cold for NW Texas again tonight. Fuzzy, glad you have a nice long fur coat to keep you warm!

    Take care…blessings!


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