Thursday, December 12, 2013

We warmed up to 18* yesterday so the dogs and I went for a walk to the upper end.

It was beautiful…the snow sparkled in the sunlight (although there really isn’t lots of snow), the air was crisp and bright.  We laughed lots.  Fuzzy had a slow time, but Boomer and I weren’t in any hurry.

The walk lasted some time bringing with it gifts of (not only sunlight, and crisp cheek freezing air),shadows on the snow

More-ShadowsThe colors of winter are full of blues, mixed with white, shades of pink and lavender


While fall is orange and brown and gold

Last-showSummer’s colors are rich and vivid and robust–with many shades of green and red and purple

Columbine-2While spring brings us the colors of hope and new life…yellow green, white, and yellow.

ShadowsEven though we are frozen the shadows and the sun bring us beauty of another kind.

Your Friend,







20 thoughts on “Thursday, December 12, 2013

  1. Beautifully stated and displayed. We just moved to Colorado about 18 months ago from the extreme south which is devoid of the seasonal beauty of Colorado. Magnificent.


  2. That warm huh? ;>). Your four seasons photos are absolutely wonderful…. frameable. And the joy you take in every season on the land (your land) shines through each word and every picture. You know a secret that I obviously never learned!


  3. Love the snow picture. Especially when the skies are blue and no wind! 🙂 I am looking forward to getting a little moisture. Raise the humidity so I will quit getting shocked! The animals don’t want me to touch them! lol!


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