Unwinding of Daylight —Thursday, December 12, 2019

“Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.”–Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

I was either seventeen (17) or eighteen (18), when my paternal grandmother, offered to me a much worn red, leather-bound book, with thin onionskin pages and a red silk ribbon for a bookmarker.

She told me how much she loved the tiny book and thought that I (possibly) might like it also.

She was so right.  I did love the book and I still do!   The book is The Prophet, By Khalil Gibran.

Winter is heavy here now..the clouds cover us like a tomb, but the sinking away of the sun lights those very same clouds; showing dark and dreary really isn’t totally dark and dreary.

Snow is on its way.  The Moon tells us so.

The heavens are brimming with clouds, but still…in a wee break; the moon sits quietly in a moisture-laden circle of rainbows.

From my world to your heart, Linda





Old Magic —-Tuesday, December 12, 2018

What is Old Magic, someone might ask

To me, it is the song of the Earth—-the song the Earth always sings every moment of each and every second of our lives…the Song of Beginning

The song of NEW, the song of Pure and total Joy!

It’s a Bold song, truly!

But one that all animals living on the earth can feel.

Even us…if we care to listen.

It’s always present, sweet, undulating


An echo of a continuing prayer

Everything is all part of that space between breaths—which make up this lifetime I call Gathering.

From my world to your heart,







Dancing in the Crisp Light — Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I tried my hand at photographing birds again.

It’s actually rather hard….at least for me

They skitter away in a flurry of wings at the slightest sound

Silently streaking off into the sky, safe from me and my camera

I have many shots of their backs as they swirl quickly away from me

Or I get their portrait through very dirty upstairs windows 🙂

The air is alive with singing

In a tiny shard of time

A hawk flew by looking for supper.  He is that weird shape next to the building.

From my world to your heart,







Kitty Hospice—Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My precious, sweet, loving kitty–Sammy-Sam, is sick.  Very sick.  It all started this late summer, although, I didn’t realize it.

See his cheek on this side facing us?

He has a cancer growing there. It breaks my heart.

Sammy has been with us a long-long-long time. He is a year older than Blade, our grandson.

Right now all we can do is keep him happy…whatever that is–

Gradually the meat grinder of a cancer will completely close off his throat—it hasn’t yet—but the time is coming.

So I give him anything and everything he could ever possibly want to eat…Milk (yes Milk–he loves it and tolerates it.) He gets little dribs and drabs of it.  Tuna in the canned for humans, which I mash up into teeny tiny bits, his very special roll on the ground it tastes so good expensive canned cat food, cooked chicken, beef, or turkey shredded into itsy bitsy pieces, and his all time favorite of all time…lunch meat sliced very thin—of which I once more tear into bits so small he can capture them on one claw and put them in his mouth.

When Boomer was horribly sick Sammy stayed by Boomer giving him strength and comfort–so now Boomer seems to have a watchful eye on Sam.

For years he slept on the bed, but since this slow suffocation has begun he likes to sleep in my sewing chair or by the wood stove—I check on him often throughout the night.

How can I not.

I also had to make the decision to ‘make’ him stay inside or to let him come and go as he wants.

I made the decision to let him come and go as he wants.

“You know”, I was told…”you might lose him out there.  He just might die someplace out there on your farm and you won’t be able to find him”.

I know.

But he has always been and indoors/out-doors kind of cat.  Mostly outdoors.  I refuse to take his freedom away from him now.



Until that day comes, however it comes, I will do everything I can to make his life good.

I will still take him with me to gather wood in the wheel barrel, I will feed him whatever he wants, I have even got him some medical hemp to help him with pain management

And sometimes, well, lots of time, I will cry as I hold him, or when he and I sit quietly outside smelling the air, and I will tell him in no uncertain words how much I love him, but if and when he ready, even in the midst of my despair, I will honor his wish and let him go.

But right now, today, as I right this he isn’t ready.  So we continue on with Kitty Hospice my last gift to him.

Your friend on a western Colorado Farm,



The Full Long Night Moon—Monday, December 12, 2016

The Moon 9

It’s been cloudy here.  Thick deep clouds.  Sometimes they clear and sometimes not.  So I have been unable to get a photo of December’s Full Long Night Moon.

The photos used in this post are old full moon photos, so please forgive.  If I can get a current one I will post it.

MoonriseThe full moon for December will occur TOMORROW!  Even though the clouds have been thick that wonderful, silver/blue light still flickers through, causing me to dance for joy!

You can be sure that Boomer and I will be out walking in the moonlight!  🙂

Your friend on a western Colorado farm,


Thursday, December 12, 2013

We warmed up to 18* yesterday so the dogs and I went for a walk to the upper end.

It was beautiful…the snow sparkled in the sunlight (although there really isn’t lots of snow), the air was crisp and bright.  We laughed lots.  Fuzzy had a slow time, but Boomer and I weren’t in any hurry.

The walk lasted some time bringing with it gifts of (not only sunlight, and crisp cheek freezing air),shadows on the snow

More-ShadowsThe colors of winter are full of blues, mixed with white, shades of pink and lavender


While fall is orange and brown and gold

Last-showSummer’s colors are rich and vivid and robust–with many shades of green and red and purple

Columbine-2While spring brings us the colors of hope and new life…yellow green, white, and yellow.

ShadowsEven though we are frozen the shadows and the sun bring us beauty of another kind.

Your Friend,