Wednesday, December 25, 2013 Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


We had a small cold front move through yesterday…the clouds dropped little pebbles of sleet, but nothing else.


Christmas Eve was delightful last night….all the kids home and present–too much food, lots of dirty dishes and a surprise Christmas present from Terry to me!  I’ll show you tomorrow.  I have been wanting one; getting it was a complete and delightful surprise!


Around 11 everyone, except Kimi and Cliff (they are off to his Mom’s for the day), will arrive again for another round of eating and laughing and enjoying each other.  The little kids love playing games.  We will all participate in games perfect for a little 5 year old, then move up to games that our 9 year old enjoys, but Blade…Blade is good at adult games…pinochle, poker, and his favorite—Monopoly! (I hope I’m washing dishes during Monopoly time…I really don’t like that game :()

Tomorrow…I’m crashing.  There is much too this hosting of parties and making sure everything goes well.  I enjoy every minute! I also get tired.

Wishing each and everyone of you a Warm and Wonderful Christmas celebrated the way you most hold dear!

With Love, Your friend, Linda

16 thoughts on “Wednesday, December 25, 2013 Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!!

  1. Wow I have to wait till TOMORROW lol I am glad you are having fun with your family I too will pass on that money game I LIVED IT 🙂 Merry Christmas give the pups a kiss from me 🙂


  2. Ours have just left, we are doing the last of the dishes and cleaning up the house before an afternoon nap. I am tired too! Merry Christmas to you all. I found several bend spoons as there was a rousing game of spoons played last night after Quelf:)


  3. Our daughter hosted Christmas eve with her family and her in law family. We had Cuban sandwiches, Spanish bean soup, salad, deviled crabs, flan and a number of other desserts. We all ate too much and opened our gifts and then visited. The two families get along so well we usually do holidays together. After all was said and done our son in law needed to talk, he said his orange grove has a disease in it and has to be taken out, this is about 6000 trees, he can replant but it will be 5 years before he sees any profit from it. It was so sad to see the kids work so hard and then just have to push the trees all out and burn them. I guess I just needed to tell someone and maybe feel better and you were the first blog I saw that would understand farming profit and loss. Thanks for letting me talk.


  4. Oh, I LOVE surprises!!! Can’t wait until tomorrow to see what you got from Terry! I’m crashing tomorrow, too, and I went away for Christmas! So what’s my excuse?! It was a great day here with family and I know you had a good time, too.

    Your pictures are very pretty. We started out overcast and then it turned into a sunny day with biting cold winds. All in all, a wonderful day!



  5. Pebbles of sleet! lovely. Hope you have a good crash, I am crashed and am thinking of not even blogging tomorrow. All I have is a very sad shot of a lonely crib on an empty rise. I am just going to FB it and call it a day. Loved your story of the knot eating cow.. great.. and your photos today are glorious.. have a good sleep.. c


  6. Oh LInda, I hope (and know actually) that you guys all had a wonderful Christmas. It sounds wonderful. Had to laugh about the Monopoly game — you know you really hate a game when you’d rather wash dishes!). I’m still on a blog break, but had a few minutes today to visit my favorite bloggy people. Happy New Year!!! I so admire your dedication to posting every day. And they are good interesting posts too. You are a wonder.


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