The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — In 2014

It’s snowing Fuzzy!  Big fat fluffy flakes, the kind that likes to land on your nose and then MELT!


Huh!?!?!?   Oh!  Gosh!  Just a minute son!  I can’t get awake really.   Humm, I see!  Nice snow, no wind!  Excellent!  Shall we go for a run out to the old tree?  My stiff old legs need a stretch and my head needs to clear.  Snow like this is just perfect to check out the news beyond the farm yard!





It’s a joyful time, Fuzzy!

You got that right, Kid!  ARFF, ARFF, ARFF!!


Pant, breathe, pant, and wheeze!  Let’s slow down for a spell, Boom…maybe Freddy Fox or some of his kin have passed through.  You take the combines and I’ll sniff out the ditches…I’m sure we can find some mice and maybe some rabbit tracks. Hummmmm, snuff, snuffle!

Hey, FUZZ!! Come over here!  Come smell this and tell me what you think.

Okay, just a minute I think I’ve found a really nice track here of some bunnies.


Hurry, Fuzzy!  I keep losing it in all the mouse trails.  It’s a really interesting smell.  It smells sort of furry like a cat, no; hum bigger, like someone from the fox family.

It’s not Sam and we KNOW it’s not Monkey.   Have we got any stray cats around here, Fuzzy?

Oh, good you are here.  Start right here…no, no, not there…too many mice trails there, sniff right here.

Hummm, snuff, snuff, sniff, snuffle.  Ah, yes! Sniff, sniff….snuffle.

What is it, Fuzzy?  What’s the smell?

Hummm….Just a minute, Boomer…let me follow it to the end; then you will see, and smell.

Okay…I’ll just follow along behind so I can smell and learn what you know.

Sniff, sniff, snort, Honk, ack!  Dirt in your nose is really sort of nasty, isn’t it Fuzzy?

Giggle and snicker, Ah, Yes it is Boomer!  Don’t put your nose CLEAR in the dirt!

I know that Fuzzy, there was this really nice smell, but when I gave a huge sniff…well, I got AHCOO some up my nose!

Hummm, okay…here we go, Boomer, we are going over to the fence post pile…yep, just as I thought…keep following, Boom…we are almost to the old tree…THERE!

That is what I thought… a pile of fur and scraps and bones.  Well, really a pile of poop made up of fur and scraps and bones!

THAT’S IT!!! That’s what I’ve been smelling, Fuzzy!  Following you I didn’t really smell anything on the ground, but yet I could smell it!  HOW COME, Fuzz?  What’s going on?

Well, I didn’t smell it on the ground (really) either.  See the air was just right that the smell was floating above the ground not really on the ground.  So I had to keep following the air.

Oh!  That’s why I couldn’t keep track of it.  I’m a really good sniffer so I should have known this.

That’s okay, Boom, we all learn new things every day…you just learned about ground air.  Ground air and smells that don’t happen on the ground.

Cool, Fuzzy!  Okay, let’s look this thing over…paw, paw, scratch…hum…it smells like a bird, sort of.

Yep! You are right!  Its Owl poop!  That looks like dinner from a night or so ago.  Fur, small bones, and some other stuff, like, mmmmm, I’m not sure, ….food anyway!

Oh!  So this is from one of the owls we hear every night.

Yep!  The owl must have sat here talking to us or someone else and, well, you know.

Yes, I do, Fuzzy.   Let’s go find something else!

Okay, but not far…my old legs are feeling a little tired right now.  Maybe, we could start back and see if we can  find cool smells on the way back…if any of the Foxes have been through here we can mark over the top of their mark so they get confused!

COOL!  Let’s do it!  You take one side of the road and I’ll take another…we will leave HUGE warnings to everyone…dogs, foxes and those nasty Coyotes!

I’ve got two spots done, Fuzzy!

That’s good, Boom.  Don’t hit Dad’s metal pile, REMEMBER!  You will get really yelled at!

I won’t…just the weeds by it!

BOOM!!! Your stream missed the weed!!!!


YIKES!!!  Let’s run for the house, Fuzzy.  Maybe, Dad won’t notice!


Hey, Fuzzy…Mom is outside let’s go join her so we can go INSIDE!!


Pant, pant, puff, puff!
Hi, Mom!  We’re here!  We were just checking stuff out making the farm better for all of you!

“Good boys! I saw you on the run. Let’s get the chores done and then you can come on in and toast by the fire!”

Woo Hoo…just what we wanted, Fuzzy!  Going inside to sleep by the fire!


Whew!  Are you hot Boomer?

No! I feel just fine.

Boy, am I ever hot!

Don’t leave, Fuzzy.  You know what we need to do?  We need to set our goals for next year!

OH! Yes that’s right!

What are your goals, Boomer!

Let’s see….. I’ll do five goals, and you do five goals!

Sounds good, Boomer.  I’ll be first, since I’m the oldest and the top dog around here.

  1.  Always hang right at Mom’s feet…always.  If she has a problem lifting something or needs help I will be there!
  2. Always be ready for a walk!!!  It sure seems harder now for some reason, but if Mom wants go…SO DO I!
  3. Take naps.  Naps are good.  Take lots of naps, but wake-up the second you hear Mom. (Dad says it’s okay if I don’t wake up for him, but I really want to wake-up and be with Mom so I will stay ready for her)
  4. I want to sleep as close to Mom as I can.  I get where ever she is.  You can have Dad or the fireplace if you want.
  5. Be ready to bark the mailman, the UPS man, the FedEx woman, or anyone that shows up so we can bark them down the lane

Those are really good, Fuzzy!  Okay, here I go —-

  1. Every time you see people you love put on a happy face, wag your tail, wag your whole body
  2. Happy is good, always…no matter what
  3. If anyone acts upset I will  run right over to them and flop down and roll over on my back so they can give me a belly rub.  Makes all of us feel good, instantly!
  4. Dad says I’m not to drag my belly on the carpet or to lick myself whenever I’m in the house.  He says I have to do it outside so I got to remember this.
  5. I also need to remember that I can’t roll in wonderful, rich, green dead stuff.  It makes both Mom and Dad upset.  Rolling over for a tummy rub doesn’t help…I still get flung into the bathtub.

Waiting 4

Very good!  We did it Boomer!  2014 is going to one great year!

Happy New Year everyone!  Happy 2014!

From Fuzzy and Boomer


15 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday — In 2014

  1. Always great adventures — and a nice list Fuzzy and Boomer. I can identify with your Owl poop fascination. Not the smell I mean but the bones. Like little tiny mouse skulls and such. Cool eh? You both — and mum and dad have a happy 2014 okay? Okay!


  2. I have three little buddies for you over here! Sparky and Blanca and Juno just dug a deep hole tracking a rabbit or a mole or a rat and boy is mom upset about the hole and how dirty they got!


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