Sunday, December 29, 2013–My Christmas Present

I know I promised you I would show you my completely delightful surprise that Terry gave me for Christmas.

All the kids were here and their families; we had just opened all our gifts and watched the kids open their gifts (we don’t give lots…one gift a piece).  Terry and I exchanged our presents…Carhart jackets.  Perfect for those cold but not over the top cold days.

When Terry went outside for a short while and then came back in.

He walked over to me and handed me


Shovel-1A NEW Scoop Shovel!!!

I so desperately needed one, but figured I would just have to use Terry’s Grandfather’s

Shovel-2Until I could pick out the one I want.  It’s a nice old shovel, but it’s heavy.  Still I was glad I had one to use.

(I’m really picky about my shovels…there are lots of scoop shovels and shovels out there, but I want one with a solid wooden handle, the scoop or the shovel bolted into the wood and the size of the shovel not too big or not too small.)  You can buy those things just about any place, but they are cheaply made, the scoop comes off the handle after a couple of uses — I think you get the picture.

Shovel-3My other shovel broke in two…too much use this fall after years and years of use already.  (Remember we had to scoop out the pinto bean hopper and the corn hopper because of break downs.  Then our neighbor, Sam, wanted us to grind corn for him.  He forgot to bring his scoop shovel so I threw him mine—the first scoop finished it off.

I was sick.  I almost cried.  I didn’t, but I sure thought about it.

I know, it’s just a shovel.  But it’s the shovel I use the MOST!! I use it for all sorts of things. I thought about just replacing the handle, but I’ve done that before and it’s never really a good as it could be.

I decided to wait.


Terry said that when he pickup the shovel.  When he went to pay for it our oldest daughter was with him and she asked if the cashier could wrap it since it was a Christmas present for her Mom.  Terry said that caused LOTS of conversations: one man said he would never give his wife something with a handle on it as she might use it on him.  Another man said if he gave his wife a shovel he might as well move on out.. the jokes were rapid and wild.

Shannon asked again if the shovel could be wrapped…the poor checker said she wasn’t sure what to do, then reached down and stuck several bows on it!   The customers clapped!

Terry said it didn’t bother him what was going on because he KNEW I really wanted a new scoop shovel!  No diamonds for me–nor a fur coat –nothing of that nature, but I will fall for a scoop shovel, or a pitch fork, or a new wheel barrel!!

There you  have it…my gift of the year!  Have a good one everyone!

Your friend on the farm,


30 thoughts on “Sunday, December 29, 2013–My Christmas Present

  1. Your husband REALLY “gets” you!! And that is sweet love! I certainly don’t have the same needs for shovels and tools, but I do garden and work outdoors a lot and know that there is nothing better than a well-made tool!! Love my good spading forks, clippers and shovels. It’s got to feel right, be balanced properly and well made! Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy that new scoop shovel!


  2. That is so SO awesome!!! I am getting a new rake for Christmas! LOL! I totally know what you mean when it has to be just right. There is so much , as the old guy says, “consumer crap” out there. A shovel is not just a shovel. They have to be picked out for the specific use.
    Way to go Terry! 🙂


  3. Linda, you are beyond priceless and so is Terry.

    I can relate though. All I ever want for my birthday in March is a high quality organic fertilizer. This causes many tasteless jokes.


  4. What a fantastic gift. When I got interested in carpentry my dad started giving me tools for Christmas: a carefully chosen saw, a wooden compost bin to assemble, a chisel, etc. He chose tools that would last and I’m still using them.


  5. A gift that you can use and need is the best kind. We don’t exchange gifts but get something we need for the house or yard. This year my husband built four raised beds for my garden, had a load of dirt delivered and we filled them and have planted a little of it. A man that loves you knows what will make you happy. I think Terry loves you.


  6. Darling LInda, what a delicious post, and how I laughed at the jokes around the shovel !!!!
    True love is a wonderful thing and has a way of knowing the perfect gift !!!- I once gave my husband 750 old bricks as an anniversary present !!!!
    love Valerie – am writing…


  7. From one farm wife to another…that’s a great gift! 🙂 I remember one year that Jim gave me a potato digger. The guys at the shop where he bought it teased him, but it’s what I wanted!! We use the shovels like you have, for feeding silage.


  8. That is the way we are. For our 25th wedding anniversary we got a new push mower. The old one was about shot and I did the mowing with push mower, so was thrilled. Might as well have something useful and makes life easier. Happy new Year Every one. Harry and Sharon Drake


  9. Your Terry is such a good fella, and he knew how important it was to get just the right shovel.How wonderful. I often think of you when I use baling twine to tie things up, (almost everything I tie up is tied with orange twine. I remember you did a post once on your favourite tools and the baling twine was one.. now I see your favourite scoop i want one, mine is WAY too big, I did not know they came in different sizes! c


  10. I’m the same way, Linda. I don’t want something frivolous when I need something practical. Glad you got a gift you will appreciate every time you use it.


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