The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Boomer, My Bestest Friend

Boomer is my bestest friend in the whole-wide-world! (Well, outside of Mom, that is).  I really don’t like other dogs, never have, never will!  But when Boomer slipped into my doghouse one night I knew he and I would be friends for ever more!


Now that you know that I adore Boomer we take naps together, we bark the mailman down the lane together,


we ride on the four-wheeler with MOM, chase the squirrels and bark at the birds.

We do lots of stuff together.


We make sure the fox stay away,


or at least does a fast run through our place.


We do NOT bother the porcupines, the badgers (Boomer was chased by one once) or the coyotes.


We both have decided the Mom and Dad are on their own when it comes to the skunks, that is just all there is too it.  A dog who gets sprayed by a skunks gets BATHS…lots and lots and lots of baths!  (Hank-the grandkids dog, doesn’t care he will take on a skunk anytime. And he still goes after any all porcupines.)  PHEW!

HOWEVER!!!! I draw the line as some stuff…like eating milk duds (`!)  I just can’t do it.  I just can’t.

The other thing I don’t get is Boomer is a beagle…purebred the Vet says.  Beagles are bred for hunting…RABBITS!  (I’m a cow dog…always have been, always will be!)

Colorado has a Beagle Rescue if you are interested.


You know what?  Boomer NEVER chases our rabbits….ever!  I use to…they hop really fast so it’s fun to follow them into their hiding places.  But I never hurt them; the only things I hurt are mice and snakes….anytime…anyplace…anywhere! Bite, snap, done!  There ya go…no more mouse or snake! Of course, Boomer doesn’t understand why I like to feel that crunch and snap in my mouth. (I can’t swallow what he likes to slurp down…)


Boomer doesn’t even give chase to the rabbits ever…just keeps on sniffing around on the ground, he even sniffed right by one of the rabbits.  How strange is that?


Well, anyway…in the scheme of things … I really don’t care.  You see Boomer is my bestest friend in the whole-wide-world.  If he doesn’t want to chase a bunny…you know what?  He doesn’t have too.



24 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Boomer, My Bestest Friend

  1. Too bad there are two doggies together –which are best buds!!!! I only had one dog (Duchess –our queen cocker)… I’m sure she got lonely at times since I worked full-time (and more)…. She spent many hours alone… Kinda sad, isn’t it????

    Amazing though how different two dogs can be….



  2. It’s so great that you have each other. One dog living alone might get more human attention but dogs really should have another dog around to remind them that they are dogs and should do doggie things together like you do/


  3. Awwwww…..I loved this! Bestest friends forever! I am thinking of taking in a rescue golden to keep Summer company…she sure could use a more fun playmate! What love and kindness dogs show each other…sigh….:)


  4. Fuzzy, I’m glad you have a best friend, even if he doesn’t chase rabbits. One of the nicest things in the world is that we can have best friends even if they are different from us.


  5. Fuzzy, you are gorgeous! My Miss Sophie would happily join you in a rabbit, mouse or squirrel chase anyday. She likes deer, blackbirds, foxes and badgers as well. Perhaps she could interest you in the art of rolling in wet, sticky, smelly, black fox poop? Lots of fun. But yes, LOTS of baths afterwards. Plus mum would be in a mood as well 🙂

    I love it that you have a friend to share your adventures.


  6. I will try again….I have commented for the last 3-4 days and none of them have gone thru!! 😦 So I will try again today to tell Fuzzy he is a sweet friend to Boomer, too. You two make such a good pair of friends for Mom and Dad, too!! AND, it’s ok Fuzzy, if you don’t like milkduds!!!



  7. Awww, Fuzzy and Boomer ~ great post! Your Mom got some good pictures of you two and the local critters – I don’t blame you one bit when it comes to skunks! Cookies are in order for you two ~ keep up the good work!


  8. That Boomer is a strange one…never knew a dog that didn’t chase rabbits! The Late, Lamented Chloe would eat them, and Sweet Cleo used to catch them and bring them to me – still alive! – back before she went blind.


    • Good Morning!!! Love the continuing story of your pups! So funny!!! Boomer you are so charming and we all love you! 😀
      My kitties bring me baby bunnies…ewwww…I try to rescue them and set them free. I wish they would not bring me their prizes! I am so glad you don’t eat them! ((((Boomer)))))


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