The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Read All About It!

Farm work has started!


I LOVE being out on the land!


Fuzzy says it’s starting to be a little hard…this farm work…BUT HE CAN DO IT!!! Just don’t rush him!

(You know what — Fuzzy can’t hear very well anymore.  I know it’s sort of sad.

And he sleeps lots more than he ever did…he sleeps so hard that sometimes I have to bark the mailman down the road by myself.

BUT I can still play tricks on him, by standing right by him and baying as loud as I can then running off really fast!  When I do that Fuzzy wakes up with a start, hobbles up to his feet and stiff legged runs after me barking for me to wait, wait, wait!

Tee hee.)

Anyway, we are back on the land…Dad, Mom, Fuzzy and I!  Dad does most of the work and Mom and Fuzzy and I help Dad.


Yesterday we all started working on the last transmission/distribution pipe on the farm.  Sure is lots of work.

Sniff I checked out all the news on the place, that take lots and lots of time, you know.


Fuzzy stayed right by Mom and Dad, he says that is his job, to be close and ready for whatever Mom and Dad might need.  So Fuzzy would walk up the pipe trench and then back down the pipe trench as Mom and Dad carried and lower and connected the entire pipe together.


The backhoe finished at seven o’clock last night and Mom and Dad finished with the 8th pipe at that point.  Today we start again…25 more pipe to go.  Then we start to cover the pipe up.


When we start to cover the pipe up we get to ride with Mom and Dad over to the extra dirt, help them load the dirt into the big truck, come back and watch Dad unload the dirt.  (I kinda think I’ll just let Fuzzy do most of the guarding, ‘cause I’m sure there is stuff out there that I really need to know about and report back to Fuzzy.  After all, I’m now his newspaper!)

Well Dad is in, he has already checked out the pipe and waiting for Mom to load all of us up on the four-wheeler, gather the shovels and head out to the pipe.  I really need to go and gather the news.


Reporter at large, Boomer


20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Read All About It!

  1. Wow! You guys are really busy! I bet there are some good smells in all that fresh dirt, Boomer!
    Fuzzy, I don’t move as fast as I used to either. But I still get there! I bet Boomer misses some of what you discover!
    The Gus is napping. He had a hard morning. He’s learning to be just where I want him when we are with the sheep and cows.
    IT snowed last night. Hello Spring!


  2. I just love that Fuzzy! He is such a sweet, old guy. I’m glad to see you are busy keeping track of everyone, Boomer – being a good doggy and making sure all the work gets done.


  3. Now what would Mum and Dad do without you and Fuzzy? 🙂 I’m in awe of the hard, physical work you guys put in each and every day. I feel quite lazy every time I visit your blog!


  4. Hi Boomer, Be nice to your brother…. I know about getting old (can’t move as quickly, don’t have as much energy, sleep more, etc.)… SO—just remember that someday, YOU will be that age also…. Just be nice to Fuzzy–he will appreciate it!!!!

    Looks like Mom and Dad are working HARD….


  5. Hi, Boomer. It’s great to see that you are all out working on the land. Perhaps Spring has arrived for real. I’m sure you are a very thorough reporter and keep Fuzzy informed about everything that is happening on the farm.


  6. What would everybody do without you on the job to report the arrival of all guests and/or trespassers? And what would Fuzzy do without you to bring him the news? Boomer is super important.


  7. You’re doing a fine job Reporter Boomer. What a lot of hard work is going on out there – it’s mind boggling. Bet everyone sleeps well at night. Hugs to you and Fuzzy and to your busy Mom and Dad 🙂


  8. Good job gathering all the news…I’m sure uzzy appreciates hearing from you. Looks like dad and mom are working awfully hard right now, good you are helping out! Thanks for telling us how all that work gets done! Good reporting!


  9. Poor fuzzy. Sorry you are getting old, your joints are getting stiff and your hearing is getting a bit hard. Take care and let that young dog do all the hard work.


  10. Great reporting, Boomer!! Sure looks like mom and dad are working hard these days getting that pipe in. I’m glad Fuzzy stays by them to help out and you do all the scouting for news! Keep up the good work!



  11. Dear LInda, lovely story… dear Fuzzy sounds as though he’s struggling, bless him…you obviously know … your last lovely comment to me has disappeared which is why I haven’t replied… I always have to moderate your comments, and i think ir might have got into spam, and I’m having to delete twenty thousand and more every day !!!!!


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