The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—The Wind Doth Blow

We’ve been helping Mom. She stands around and rakes and rakes and rakes, so Boomer and I sorta, kinda, sit close by.  Boomer tried to sit ‘right by Mom’ but he kept getting stepped on whenever Mom backed up.  Finally Boomer decided that he had better move.

Tee Hee.  It takes that boy so time to get some things through his head.  Giggle.

Mom was a little unhappy when she backed up and fell OVER Boomer.  That is when he figured out claiming Mom as his own wasn’t a very good idea.  🙂

The wind has been blowing and the days are chilled.

Last year I moved us outside on March 8th.  Not this year.  We are still sleeping inside.  It did get hot enough two nights ago that we wanted to spend the night outside.   Mom had just settled us down for the night…three yummy dog treats, a bedside bowl of water, lots of hugs and pets on the head, and a good night, sleep tight and Boom and I are off to dream land.

BUT a couple of nights last week it was just TOO HOT TO STAY INSIDE so Boomer and I peeled out the door.  WHEW!  It felt much better to cool down.

Then this week we’ve had lots of wind, the cold kind of wind, the wind that blows down off the mountain all fresh and chilled from the snowbanks up there.   So sleeping inside was just right!

Today it feels like a lovely day…the sky is spring blue, the clouds are hovering over the mountains far, far, far away—we can still see them—the air is still and Boomer and I are running around checking out all the smells and news on the farm.

It is a Beautiful Morning, Everyone!


You Very Happy Dog Friend,


Fuzzy (Oh, yes, Boomer says he is happy also.  And he says Hi!)


17 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—The Wind Doth Blow

  1. The wind has been blowing here as well, Fuzzy. But hopefully the wind will die down and the temperatures will go up next week. I have some container roses that need to be put outside once the temperatures stay above freezing.


  2. With a still sore foot, you don’t need any more obstacles in your way. We have some winds here, but will do our best not to send them your way.


  3. Yes, I can see how windy it is … Fuzzy’s beautiful coat is flying around him. Lovely photos of both of you guys. Hope your Mum is okay after falling over Boomer, especially with her nursing her sore foot. Give her a hug from me – but let her see you’re coming though. 🙂


  4. It has truly been a crazy winter and crazy March… Our flowers are WAY behind what they usually are when it comes to blooming… We keep a list on our calendar which says when certain flowers bloomed in past years… This one has been SO different… I will be glad (Just like Boomer and Fuzzy) when Spring gets here to STAY.



  5. It’s been windy here, too. It is getting warmer here and Lucky has been sleeping outside so she can keep an eye on those ole coyotes! Be careful not to be too close when helping out Mom!



  6. Hi Guys! Boomer, if I get too close to Mom’s feet I get in really BIG trouble! She says that no dogs are allowed to get close enough to get tangled in her feet. I found out the same seems to apply to horses (he kicked me) and to sheeps (it jumped on top of me and I was tangled up underneath it).
    We had some sun yesterday but today is cloudy and got windy. But that’s ok. I went with Mom to check the missing fences. The flood took both river fences out. So, I got a nice run and I got to play in the river too! Then this afternoon we went back to set some posts and I got to play in the river again! Next week we have to retrieve the cows. That will be fun. Fuzzy, you’d like that! They went right through the river with the missing fence and went to the neighbors. It’ll be fun! Well, maybe. Some of them have calves. Those are cranky cows.
    Keep helping your Mom. But Boomer, stay out from under foot.
    The Gus.


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