My computer refused to load yesterday.  So I had to take it to the computer hospital.  The computer doctor said she is seeing lots of this sort of problem.  Something to do with a download from Windows into the profile.

Typing on an IPad is rather tedious —one finger at a time.  I will be back with regular blog posts as soon as I can get my computer home!



29 thoughts on “Crashed

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your computer; I hope the computer doctor can quickly bring it back to good health. I’ve gotten to be pretty good at typing on an iPad, although I’m usually traveling when I do that. Have a great weekend.


  2. Good old Windows. There’s an entire industry of repair and fixin’ that wouldn’t exist without it. (I don’t do Windows. Never have, never will, life is too short for machines to be sassing us around.) (I don’t willingly do vacuum cleaners, either.) Hope it all works out.

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  3. Oh My Gosh… I’m sorry.. Hope they can fix it –for very little money!!!! Good Luck… I’m taking another Blog Break next week until Friday… Just too much going here….

    Have a great weekend/week.


  4. I do all my work on the iPad! Two fingers, but I also know how to ‘touch type’ on a real keyboard so I don’t even have to look at the screen to type anymore. Plus it is amazing at correcting my common mistakes 🙂

    Sorry I don’t live closer – my hubby is a computer doctor and charges a lot less than a shop!


  5. Hate when that happens! Luckily when my comp crashed the comp doc was able to get back all my lost files! Good luck getting it fixed. I like my IPad. But then I just got it!


  6. I am using an old slow computer (it takes hours to load) because our new one is in the geek shop (where we bought it) for the third time this season. All under warranty but a huge inconvenience. I have blogged less and been very slow visiting others because it just takes so long on the old one (but at least we had it as a backup). Very discouraging. And the IPAd — I can’t blog on it at all, and can visit, but as you say impossible to type very well with one finger.

    Good luck — miss you!


  7. Here’s to a soon homecoming for your computer! Meanwhile we have to imagine what Fuzzy and Boomer have been up to. Heard a Kildeer last week, (before the snowfall) — spring is on the way. Hope springs eternal…


  8. I hope you get it back in tip top shape…….much as I love to read stuff on my new iPad…..I hate trying to type on it or my phone. I did change to a split keyboard on the iPad so I could use my thumbs though and that helped.


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