The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Blessings

Mom says everything has been a roller coaster ride…the last three weeks!  Boomer and I talked about a roller coaster and decided we don’t know what a roller coaster was.  Since we couldn’t figure it out we decided it wasn’t important.

As for riding…heck!  We haven’t really ridden on anything that was really bad…we’ve gone to do water several times, rode to town several times, laid under the pick-up lots, but as far as anything else…I guess we just don’t understand.


WaterThe water is now in the canal!

My-best-helperWe’ve started the water on the alfalfa fields…I LOVE IRRIGATING!  Most of the time I like to stay home and guard the house and the buildings and the yard [now].  But Mom makes me go with her (and Boomer and Dad) sometimes.   Boy, am I ever glad I go!


Hank-helpsHank even comes over from his house and helps out.

We had to stop…irrigating, I mean. Dad’s main ditch…the one that leaves the head gate and enters onto the farm washed out.  A huge hole washed into the bend, the side caved away with Dad standing on it, and everything went splash!

The splash part was sorta neat, I rushed right over to see if something cool was in the water…nope, no water rats, or mice, or snakes…but there was DAD!  I skedaddled out the way when I saw it was Dad.  😦

Fuzzy-helping-usMom and Dad put 300 pounds of cement into the ditch, worked on the sides, and created a whole new bend.


Just as soon as the cement cures the water will be back on and we will be IRRIGATING!!!  YIPPEE!!!


We have had rain and the snow and  sleet and ice.  We went from a HOT day to several days of very, very cold.


Boomer and I are still sleeping inside.  I’m not sure if I’m going to move us outside at all this year.  Old bones really don’t like cold, you know.

Dad and Mom have the water back on and in the alfalfa that didn’t get watered yet.

You know something, I just thought of this, our lives(Dad, Mom, Boomer and I)  are all governed by the irrigation water!  Now THAT is cool!


Here I am just a swing’n.  I like to sit in this swing and feel the breezes on my fur.  Now days I have to have Mom put me up here.  I get really close to the swing and look beseechingly at Mom until she comes over and picks me up and sits me on the swing.


Life is good!


23 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Blessings

  1. Boomer and Fuzzy, You both should be GLAD you have never seen or heard of a Roller Coaster…. Those are NOT for sweet little DOGS…. ha

    Sorry about the ditch problem—but it appears as if all is fixed… Hope the water does WELL this year and that you have an abundance for your crops.

    Happy Easter…


  2. You really do have a great dog life. As for roller coasters, they wouldn’t be much fun for dogs. We have never understood why they are fun for people. But we like your philosophy: if dogs can’t figure it out, it can’t be important.


  3. Fuzzy, you sure look comfortable on the swing. I’m glad Mom helps you get up there. I imagine Dad was not happy about the ditch cave-in. I’m glad they got the ditch repaired and the water is back on. I’m sure you’re a big help with the irrigating.


  4. Wow!! You got water! That is so cool! I love when there is water in the ditch. I can play in the river too, but sometimes it’s too high and fast and mom won’t let me. So then I play in the ditch. Ours probably won’t be on until next month though. So far the river isn’t too high but the weather people keep promising that it will be. Mom wants to get hot wire across the river before it gets too high to wade. Fencing water gaps is fun! I go back and forth across the river and mom said next time it’s too deep to wade all the way across she’ll let me take the line to the other bank and give it to The Man!
    Too bad you didn’t get a picture of the ditch bank and your Dad and the water and the big splash. But you better not tell him that!
    The Gus


  5. Hard to get old, isn’t it Fuzz? Glad you have good help so you can still enjoy your swing. Wow, big doings with that wash out. Good thing your folks knew just how to fix it. I love reading about the water days. Always something new and interesting.


  6. I’ve missed the boys on Fridays! Glad to hear from Fuzzy. Tell him my dog has to have some help to get up on things too (or especially to get in the car)!


  7. Maintenance is better than half of farming. Maybe life too. Just keeping things from falling apart takes a lot of concentration. Too bad you didn’t have a camera running when Dad took a dive in the ditch. Hehe!


  8. Yea for the water! I hope Terry didn’t get too wet!? That’s awful that the corner caved in! ugh! All that work you guys did to get it up and going.
    Happy Easter.


  9. Fuzzy, what an adorable picture of you in Mom’s header!! Love it! Hope all is getting back to normal with the irrigating….it get frustrating to have to stop for repairs. You and Boomer look like you’re good company to Mom and Dad while they work.

    We have a 50% chance of showers today…am praying they come!

    Easter blessings to you all!


  10. Ah…so nice to have things back to normal…the computer up and running…the bend in the irrigation channel fixed…and Fuzzy sitting up in a swing with the breeze in his fur. I know that “beseeching” look. Funny how it doesn’t work as well for people (I’ve tried it on my hubby when I want a foot massage!) as it does with dogs. : )


  11. A great post Fuzzy – I love how you have trained your Mom to lift you up on the swing 😉
    Nice to see all that irrigation happening for you guys. Lots of work has gone into it. Cheers now xx


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