The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Weekly Report

Latest News:


Sammy-Sam the cat

Catevery day and all night he patrols the farm. He used to go way over to Misty’s and check out everything over there, but last winter he ate a poisoned mouse and just hasn’t felt like tackling that huge long walk anymore.


Of course, age is creeping up on him…he turned 13 this year. Still Sammy-Sam does a good job of gathering news and information from around the farm buildings and the house.


Dad-–Dad went up to the Upper End to check to see if any Aliens had landed.  Mom, Fuzzy and I went along.  Mom checked out the drain ditch and Dad walked to the end of the irrigation ditch.


Fuzzy guarded the Four-Wheelers…his job was to make sure we had our rides to get out of there if the Aliens were around.

Robin   Robin—Robin sang out his report that The Aliens could be found out by the haystack.

PICT0114 Dad and the two little girls hurried as fast as their legs could carry them. Who wouldn’t like to see a Alien…young, old or in-between?


Squirrel-gossiped to me, Boomer-Reporter-at-Large— that squirrels are going extinct and scientists have now put them on the “endangered species” list.  He says by the end of this week Squirrels will be extinct so Fuzzy and I cannot, he repeated NOT chase him or his friends.  The world would be a very dreary place without squirrels.


(Fuzzy and I agreed so we won’t chase Squirrel every again…until…hum, NOW! —-RUN SQUIRREL!)


I, Boomer, the Farm Reporter says: Dad made several trips to change water yesterday and the day before and the day before that and….


Fuzzy and I think Dad has figure out time travel—hop on the four-wheeler and you can travel into future and into the past – within minutes.


Up to change the water, back to house, up to change the water…


BREAKING NEWS:   Sammy-Sam says


the Raccoon is back………….


Bark, bark, yip, yip….COME ON FUZZY…RACCOON!!!




18 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer on Friday—Weekly Report

  1. Boomer, you’re an excellent reporter. I’m glad no aliens landed when you were out in the fields. If you and Fuzzy run out of squirrels to chase we would be glad to send you several.


  2. Our cat leaves the yard once in a while to bring back news of the neighborhood. The dogs have such a good time smelling her from nose to tale to get all the latest happenings.


  3. You two are amazing people….heros so to speak cause you keep the world feed by all your knowledge and hard work. And your doggies are part of that farm life besides being your friends. I sometimes think of all you two do and am overwhelmed with appreciation. It seems the powers to be are trying to push the farmers out of their profession. Farming is an honest way of life and the livelihood of many good people. More power to ya.


  4. Boomer, you are a great farm reporter!! You let everyone know what is going on. Sammy-Sam is really a pretty cat. My one kitty is almost the same age. She doesn’t wander far anymore either..

    I must go out on the patio and watch the sky. Dark clouds and hopefully, rain is coming.just praying for no hail…I have lots of baby cotton coming up. Sky is very dark for this time of day!

    Take care, Blessings!


  5. Linda: I didn’t forget you when we mapped out our trip. We’ll be back your way next Wed. or Thu. But we have to stop and visit Telluride first. Right now we’re in Gallup NM to help DH’s sister celebrate an important anniversary. I’ll send you and email when we get closer. Send me an email with the address you’d like me to use.


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