Capturing the Spirit– Wednesday, June 24, 2014

IMG_3529I was asked yesterday if all the photos were from my yard—yes they are.  I love pink flowers for late spring, then my colors move into a riot of reds and hot pink with splashes of yellow.  Yellow and oranges with touches of blue carry me through until frost. ( My Spring colors are blue with pale pink.)

Pink-for-showThe only thing I don’t grow in my yard are cactus…we have plenty on the Cactus hill.  The pink cactus are just about finished blooming, then the yellow will appear.


The yellow is the last to bloom.  After blooming the cactus will set fruit.  If I were really industrious I would pick the fruit and make cactus jelly.  But that isn’t going to happen.


I make sure my photos are current to the day…meaning, I take my photos the day before, then post  them the next day.

Also, Salli mentioned that I gave her and ear worm yesterday with my post about the Good Old Summertime …I was glad to share that particular ear worm!  I had it running throughout my head for two days!!!  🙂 🙂

When out and about around 5:30 this morning taking some more photos, I developed another ear worm.  Paul Simon’s –Kodachrome  (While others of my age dancing their way through the Beach Boys, I was immersed in Simon and Garfunkel.)

My paternal Grandmother even liked them with me.  Her favorite was a Bridge Over Trouble Waters.  She would often times be humming this song as she went about her daily work cleaning the house or tending her rose garden.

Kodachrome is running rampant through my thoughts…I guess because I am really enjoying this day of digital cameras…no more taking a photo and waiting for the film to be processed.



Cameras have always been a part of my life, I was given my first one at 10…from that point on I was hooked.  Capturing the spirit of the day!

Off I must go from this pleasant activity of visiting with you, my friends, from around the world, to the mundane things of every day living.  Today I must wash windows and screens (again).  Washing windows has become extremely taxing on my shoulder and elbow, but my eyes feast upon the outdoors.  Looking through sparkling glass is delightful!

Your Farm Friend,





18 thoughts on “Capturing the Spirit– Wednesday, June 24, 2014

  1. Oh yeah…Kodachrome is one of my favorites for walking on my treadmill. Wish I could grow the flowers you have. Cactus? Not here or even close. Your climate is softer than ours.


  2. I love it that you can make the colors appear, with control, when you want them…and that you’ve designed the passage of your seasons. How cool is that? (You can tell I’m not much of a gardener. Sigh. Not much land to speak of, and not in one place long enough to bring it to that kind of life.)


  3. Morning! What beautiful flowers – thanks for sharing them with us. My iris should open today – hope 🙂
    Don’t work to hard washing those windows! I have that on my list, too. But I think that will be a job for another day.
    ))) hugs (((


  4. I often wonder if everyone has to wash windows as much as we do!? That’s what I did yesterday. Again! I use a squeegee. Saves time on my shoulder! Then I don’t have to drag the step stool around either!
    I just love the cacti.
    Have a beautiful day.


  5. I love those cactus blooms! They are beautiful. I have been lax in remembering to take my camera with me were ever I go. I hate to have to lug around two lenses and then change them when I want a certain picture. I do kick myself in the rear though when I do not take it with me! Your pictures are beautiful.


  6. The screens on our windows are permanent because of the climate, so if I want to wash windows, it’s a two person operation; I can’t reach the top screws to undo them. And somehow, we always find things that are more fun to do than washing windows…. And on this beautiful crisp, cool sunny winter morning, I leave you with another ear worm: Morning has Broken, by Cat Stevens.


  7. More absolutely beautiful flowers!! The cacti I have just bloom yellow (they are wild ones) I do have some red blooming yuccas, which the hummingbirds, orioles and finches adore. Enjoy seeing the bumble bee…we don’t seem to have many of them here. As long as they keep their distance…I sat on one when I was a teenager! NOT a comfortable feeling!!!

    Your sky is so pretty! Love your header. (as you can tell, I’m playing catch up today. was a busy weekend)


  8. The blooms on the cactus are so pretty! I like Simon & Garfunkel, too. The Sound of Silence is one of my favorites. Kodachrome is a good, peppy song to have stuck in one’s head.


  9. I love how you change the colors of your flowers for each season. Maybe someday I will get industrious and try that. I do love the cactus blooms too. My windows and screens are in need of a good cleaning….hmmmm…not today! lol
    Have a lovely day


  10. I got to see Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel in concert in 1967. It was just the two of them on stage, with Paul’s guitar. They were absolutely enchanting, like two souls that had been harmonizing forever. When Garfunkel sang “For Emily” it was like he tied a string around our hearts, we were entranced. I have loved Simon and Garfunkel ever since. (Not so much the electronic years.) I keep their first album in the car, for whenever I feel like singing. Thank you for reminding me of them.


  11. More earworms ;>) … but I adore Simon and Garfunkel tunes too, so either your grandma’s favorite or yours are fine with me. Your beautiful photos have such bright deep wonderful color to them – they could be Kodachrome!


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