Today I Give You the Color Red–Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BudWe are ‘truck’n’ right along here.  All the little tykes went home by 5:00 last evening.  Leaving us with just Tally and Linky.  They both had huge dark circles under their eyes, but were still wound-up.

StormTerry was also restless since it was raining and storming and generally nasty….(the above photo is from Sue in Cedaredge, Colorado.  You can see Hart’s Basin on the far left of the photo…Cedaredge on the right hand side of the photo…and the storm which moved from the Uncompahgre Plateau (Un-come-pah-gray—accent on the pah) over the top of us  toward the towns of Hotchkiss and Paonia.

StudyJolyne is now here…(all the way from Grand Prairie, Canada).  Jolyne will be marrying Evan, our son, in three weeks.  Terry and the little girls thought it was time to see Aunt Jolyne (almost aunt 🙂 ) so we took off to visit them for a short spell.


After which ice cream was in order.

Today we must take a huge shopping trip to Grand Junction, Colorado, for parts for the hay swather and a door for the garage.  Our time is ‘flying by’.  We are in the middle of the week…even the little girls are saying the time is going to quickly.

Time has a way of doing that doesn’t it? Flying by…but only when you are having fun.  I’ve had time crawl…but not right now, not this week, nor today.

For today we will enjoy each and every second!

Your friend,




18 thoughts on “Today I Give You the Color Red–Wednesday, August 20, 2014

  1. I can’t remember when time crawled by. I am working on a blog post to explain the passing of time.


  2. I’m sure you were glad to meet your future daughter-in-law.,. How did your son meet her? Where does he live? I assume he is not into farming. What does he do?

    I know you have loved your time with the grandchildren…. AND–you have made lots of memories the past few weeks with them….

    Have a great day.


  3. Lovely photos. You are correct, time sure does seem to fly by. I can’t believe we are looking at the end of summer very soon. Seems like we haven’t accomplished no where near what we wanted. I guess there is always next year.


  4. Yes ma’am, time is really flying these days! Morning comes too soon and then the next thing I know it’s evening! Your flowers are so pretty, Linda. Enjoy those little granddaughters until Sunday. Thank goodness for Skype, so you can talk and see them often. And now a wedding in the offing, how great!



  5. I love hollyhocks, especially the dark red ones. My grandmother had them in the yard when I was a kid, also phlox, peonies, day lilies, violets, lilies of the valley, some spring bulbs and other perennials. The hollyhocks though just sort of stuck out, with so many different colors, she had one that was almost black it was such a deep red. No one seems to plant them now. Thanks for the pics.


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