The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Saved by the Pipe








Keep barking Boomer!!! We have to let Mom and Dad know there is a wreck at the end of the bean field!


“Terry, what’s wrong with the dogs?  They sound like something bad is in the yard.”

“I don’t know…you see anything?”

“WOW!  Yes!  Looks like there is a jeep in the canal!”

“Sure does, I’ll go down and see what happened.”

“Okay, the girls and I will stay here.  Shhhh boys!  Good dogs!”

“Good dogs!”

Come on Fuzzy let’s go with Dad and see what the deal is.

Aaaaa… you go Boom.  I had better stay here with Mom and the little girls.  We can’t both be gone…Mom might need one of us.  You go.



You are back, Boom…what did you find out?

Yeah, I had to come back, the Sheriff men were down there and sorta, kinda yelled at me for sniffing around one of the car’s tires.  So I lifted a leg real fast, doused his tire and took off for home.

Chuckle, snort!  That’s good one, Boomer!  Well, done.

So what happened anyway?

I heard the man, who was driving the jeep, tell Dad that he was coming down off 25 Mesa and missed the turn.  He saw there was a nice shoulder on the road so thought he would back up then make the turn.

He was backing up when suddenly the jeep slid and fell right into the canal.

The man said he didn’t know there was a canal THERE!!!!


(That is the pipe which, held up the Jeep)

Dad told the man he was really lucky because the pipe holding the telephone cable in it (which ran the length of the canal) saved his jeep.  Otherwise the jeep would have flipped over on its top and been swooshed right under the road…with the man in it!

Dad offered to get the jeep out for the man, but he wanted a wrecker to do it.  Seems the man had just retired and used his retirement money to buy this jeep 9 days ago.  He was afraid a farmer and tractor might wreck his jeep.

WRECK?!?!? His jeep!  I guess he doesn’t think the jeep is wrecked right now!

I guess wreck is relative, Fuzzy.

Oh!Wrecker Dad’s good friend came out with his wrecker (Dub’s Towing)


and hooked onto the roll bar….lifted it right up!


Dad, Pepper’s Dad, and several of the

Haulersfirewood cutters coming down off the plateau were very impressed at Dub’s Towing.  Not a scratch, or dent on the jeep.  And the jeep didn’t slip once—which is a good thing, because all that water was still roaring away down there and would have sucked the jeep right on in under the road!

ListenGood report, Boomer!  This was an exciting day!


It sure was Fuzzy.  Time for a nap, don’t you think!

Yes I do, Boom.  Yes I do.

Fuzzy and Boomer


29 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—Saved by the Pipe

  1. Fuzzy and Boomer, you did a great job of letting Mom and Dad know about the wreck at the canal. The driver was very lucky. Boomer did a good job as reporter, and I’m sure Fuzzy was a great help to Mom with the girls back at the house.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, Fuzzy and Boomer, you had quite the excitement!! Fuzzy, I’m glad you stayed with Mom and the girls to protect them. And, Boomer, you were a great reporter on the accident!! Tee Hee, you got to watch out for the Sheriff men when you decide to “water” something!! Sure glad no one was hurt and they got the jeep out o.k. Kind of fussy tho, he was, not to let Dad pull his jeep out!! You both deserved a nap after that excitement!



  3. Wow. That coulda been bad. Thank goodness everyone was fine. And the pipe isok?
    Love it when the dogs alert to something. The girls and the cats alerted to a rattlesnake in the shrubs! At 9:30 pm! Ugh! Never did find it!
    Good job boys!


  4. Linda, good that the Dub’s Towing got him out. Some folks like to see how much they can make a lawsuit for when a farmer pulls them out and tries to blame the fella on the tractor. The dents were already done,but people figure the farmer is rich and can pay for their mistake. Looks like he really ad to work to get in your yard.
    Good job Fuzzy and Boomer did to let you know.
    The beans are looking good here in south central Kansas. Sharon DrakeAug. 22,2014


  5. Wow, Linda, you and your pups have quite a following. Great post. I’m thinking that driver had an angel on his shoulder to save him from himself. He was also lucky his new wheels came with a handle on top for the wrecker to hook on to.


  6. Dear Linda, this narrative by the two dogs with whom you so joyfully live just delighted me! I so enjoyed their conversation and their take on humans and the jeep in the canal. I’ve never thought about cars/jeeps/trucks and the danger of canals when a vehicle has pitched downward into one.

    I’m impressed with your friend, the tow-truck driver and maneuverer of jeeps! That’s talent. Peace.


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