The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—ICK is Only Relative






Stop Mom?  Why Boomer?

She went inside to get a bucket of soap and water and a bucket of clean water.


Gosh!  Why Boomer?  I don’t see any reason WHY she would be after ‘bath’ stuff.


Well, er…it’s because of this—see?

Yeah!  Hummm, smells pretty interesting, Boom.  Where did you find it?


In the corn field…Oh, Fuzzy!  It was so neat!  I was out there with Mom while she picked the very last of the sweet corn; it was just there, about four rows in and big, huge, hulking pile of FRESH poop!

I was ecstatic to be the very first dog to find it!


It was so cool, I rubbed my whole neck and face and then rolled my back in it!

Suddenly I heard Mom heading back to the house so I ran just as fast as I could run to catch up with her and show her my very cool treasure!!!  I had the biggest grin on my face so she would understand just what a neat thing I was wearing.

Ummm….she didn’t like it, Boomer?


No, actually she didn’t.  She just said, “Sit right here, Boomer…I’m going in to get your bath stuff.  You are NOT wearing fresh poop!”  Then she headed into the house.

Well, that’s okay, Buddy!  Humans never understand the good stuff in life!  At least you got to have it for a few minutes.

Yeah, I guess so, Fuzzy.  I guess so. Pouted Boomer.


At least the rains are leaving and the sun is coming back.  We will be able to lay in the warmth come morning.

True, Fuzzy!  True.  Who knows I just might find something else out there.  A dog can always hope.



26 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—ICK is Only Relative

  1. Dogs may have a better sense of smell than humans but they seem to have no sense of disgust for dead and poopy smells.


  2. First WOW! about the sunset header photo. You could frame and hang that one for sure.

    Hahahaha on Boomer’s perfume. Good thing for us that dogs can’t give their people baths for some of the things they consider perfume.

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  3. Dear Linda, I’ve never lived with dogs–well, when I was in grade and high school my brother’s best buddy was a dog, Kentucky. Mom named him that because we couldn’t remember our addresses my brother was 3 and I was 6 but she knew we’d remember the name of the country road if she gave that name to this wonderful dog.

    I’ve lived with cats my adult life and so your postings about Boomer and Fuzzy really tickle my fancy! Thank you. Peace.

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  4. Dear Boomer, Thank You for that wonderful account this Friday. Yes, it is sad that hoomans do not appreciate the finer things of life. Let us be patient with them. Sorry Fuzzy could not help. Maybe he thought that he too would get a bath if he interfered. Bow Wow till the next time.


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