Footprints–Sunday, September 21, 2014

Removing-the-hedgeIt had been a long horribly busy week for Terry and I.  We decided that we needed to remove the privet hedge and lay irrigation pipe and set up a different system to water the yard.

I truly hated to see the hedge go, but it had become a horrendous chore to keep the weeds out of it and to keep it clipped…I have a sorry elbow on my left side and an even sorrier shoulder on my right side.  Hefting the electric clippers weekly had fast become a much dreaded job.

We worked on the hedge in the cool of the day and then down at our other house during the heat of the day.  We aren’t doing lots down there, sprucing up the paint, sanding down a door that keeps getting stuck…little things that take time, but are necessary.

Cannas-1I also finally finished up my fall house cleaning, walls, windows, scrubbed floors, sorted through drawers…you know that sort of stuff, while Terry worked on repairing the 630 John Deere–he is putting on a different front end.

Tired and not interested in cooking Terry took us out to Pizza Hut to eat wings and a salad.


It was when we were leaving a wonderful lady came up to me and told me she was a long-time reader of this blog, although she never leaves a comment. She also said she very much enjoys the photos and the tiny peak into our lives.

What a wonderful lift she gave both of us!  We talked about her smiling face and her sweet laughter as we drove home.  She gave us a extraordinary bit of joy after along week of steady work.

I do believe this world of blogging has given us friends that we would have never/ever otherwise been able to meet and get to know.

Cannas-3It is true we all leave footprints wherever we go…it’s nice to meet the people who read my blog; they truly leave a kindness in our day.

Your friend



23 thoughts on “Footprints–Sunday, September 21, 2014

  1. It makes me feel good too when people visit my blog. Blogging challenges me and that is the main reason I’m doing it. I’m getting lazy when it comes to cleaning my drawers. Have a great Sunday.


  2. Those hedges can be pretty. But yea, they are quite time consuming to keep them pretty!
    I linked your blog the other day with the canna pictures.
    Love them. They get tall! 7 feet I’d say! And when the sun hits them, it looks like they light up!
    Kick your feet up, drink a cold lemonade and enjoy this last day of summer! 🙂


  3. Linda, I loved the little flowers on the privet hedge i had, but it too was taken out. Like yours, it became too much work. I am so happy you got to meet one of your faithful readers. What a gift! Mary


  4. I don’t like privet at all, and I would have been rejoicing, but I can see it would be sad if you loved it. It sounds as if you both had several bites too many on your plates this week. I wish I could send you an extra day, so you could take it off! Love your beautiful cannas!


  5. Dear Linda, I surely am glad that you and I have become friends. I was raised out in the country and your blog so helps me remember a little of what we did there–MOm had a huge vegetable garden and did lots of canning and we had a few farm animals, but oh the sky over the fields. And your photographs bring all that back. And . . . the photo of the cannas is a favorite of mine because that was Mom’s favorite flower and she had a circular garden of them in the middle of the front yard. Peace.


  6. How neat to be able to meet her! The pictures of the cannas are beautiful! Katie is so proud of hers. She shows everyone and was very excited when one of them just bloomed! She had thought they were done for the summer.


  7. Many years ago we removed a privet hedge to the ground. I feel your pain. But how great for you to meet a fan.


  8. Sometimes we have to sacrifice some of our nature things in order to keep others. I understand the dilemma of the hedge but I too am at the point that less yard kept well is best! I agree about blog land, amazing the people you meet that you never would have before and just think how many are out there that you don’t ever hear from that you are touching!


  9. Your pictures are lovely today! It is wonderful to meet blog friends! I know because I have had the great pleasure of meeting you and Terry!!! I know it warmed your hearts to have this lovely lady greet you…so nice of her!

    You have sure been busy!! I am still struggling with Fall housecleaning and downsizing! Will have some help with it this Friday…yippee! Need to go visit my mother one more time before Winter hits, too. We’ve had so much rain that the outside is a real jungle! Will be lots of work whenever it dries off.

    Take care..blessings!


  10. How absolutely lovely. Your reader’s gift (paying you back for what you’ve given her) came at exactly the right time for you. Your posts are daily gifts for all your readers! thank you. (And as usual your hard work puts me to shame … but I remind myself that I am really really a lot older than you are ;>)!)


  11. You are one of my all time favorite bloggers and friends and I’m so glad to have met you and your family (2 and 4 legged) through your blog :-).


  12. Linda, Just want you to know that I always love your blog, even when I’m too tired to write a comment to you. I’m so glad you ran into a blog-fan who made your day! I wish that it could have been me, putting that smile on your face! Keep up the great work, in life, and on your blog!


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