The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—As Good as it Gets

You know there are just some things that are way out there funny!

Well, at least Boomer and I think so.

HummmYou see there has been a sort run on the farm with the raccoons.  None of us really do anything about them-Heck Boomer and I like to sniff their tracks and try to guess what they are up too.  Mom and Dad just make comments to each other… “Oh look, the raccoons have been walking down the gated pipe”!

Sometimes the raccoons will come in the yard and try to find dog food to eat, but Mom always picks up all the dog food every night.  If we sleep outside Boomer and I bark at them, but if we don’t sleep outside all we can do is, well, sniff their tracks.

Any hoo…Janson wanted to catch a raccoon….I don’t know why…I never heard, but he wanted a raccoon.  Dad told Jason he could put a trap up by the equipment area and see what happens.  Dad said he knew there were lots of raccoons up there because of all the signs.

Every day for three weeks Jason and Shannon went up to check the trap, morning and evening….nothing.

Every day.

Morning and evening.

For three weeks.

Nothing, nada…zipp!

On the third week one evening Jason decided that it was useless so he would just go get the trap and take it home.

UpUp they went.

BackBack they came.

Then THREE hours later…..HAHAHAHAHBoomer and I had a huge laugh about that!!!!

The-BoomMom sent the photos over to Jason and Shannon, who could resist showing it to them!!

HAHAHAH those raccoons are pretty darn clever, don’t you think?







20 thoughts on “The Adventures of Fuzzy and Boomer—As Good as it Gets

  1. That IS funny! We have them here too. You should have seen Mom the night I woke her up to come down stairs because there was a little one on the window sill right behind her chair! I must have come in through the dog door. After that Mom started closing the dog door.
    You guys have a great day. I’m going to the river with Mom!
    The Gus


  2. I live between a river and a creek, in Raccoonville. And I have show chickens. I’ve built the pens to be secure and mostly that has been successful. I don’t leave food out, I don’t encourage raccoons to visit. If one comes along that is determined to cause trouble, I can and will trap it and get rid of it. I have learned how to do this and rarely fail, but it’s not easy. I thought your post today was a hoot.


  3. We’ve only had raccoons on camping trips. They have a way of getting to the chips and cookies that make them seem like Ninjas. But they are still pretty cute.


  4. One sneaky, smart raccoon!!! Bet you and Boomer could have told Shannon and Jason that they probably wouldn’t have been able to trap it! Have a great weekend, Fuzzy. Love you picture and tell Mom I love all her pictures, too.



  5. Tell Jason that raccoons are terribly smart. When I was a girl, I went to the lake with my best friend many weekends during the summer. There was a refrigerator on the dock where folks would put their beer and pop and other goodies. The raccoons learned how to open the fridge! Pretty soon, there was a padlock on the door. 🙂


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