Small Break and a Post Full of Rainbows–Tuesday, September 30, 2014

storm-leaving.jpgFor a small amount of time the clouds parted and blue sky appeared.  It was lovely!  The dogs and cats and I danced a jig on the very wet lawn.  It was delightful!

Then the rains came back.  Heavy wet rains complete with thunder.

We are soaked…drowned…extremely wet.

But John North sent me a youtube song about Rainbows and perfect song to go with this wet spell we are having–

A perfectly wonderful wish for a cold wet day.

2014-09-01_17-22-01_74 (2)Then Linda from Alexandria, Louisiana sent this wonderful rainbow



Rene`, who lives in Paonia, Colorado (just about an hour’s drive from here) sent me these two stunning rainbows—spanning the mountains where she lives.

Stunning Rainbow from Sara...shot by Eric Holtaus Sara from Punkin’s Patch sent a twitter photo–Brian Miner of BDMphoto

Rainbows from around the world and close to home…who could ask for more?

Not I!

Thank you, my friends!

Remember if you have a fun/interesting or outstanding photo you would like to share I will be very glad to post them on my blog—always you will have the credit!

Your friend on a very wet and soggy farm,






18 thoughts on “Small Break and a Post Full of Rainbows–Tuesday, September 30, 2014

  1. Would love to see the rainbow with lightning! How cool!
    We drove to Seattle today just to feel the rain! Ha! We did have to be in Seattle, and it was raining, and there was a rainbow on the pass! No camera! I was driving!


  2. The rainbows are all gorgeous! Especially the one from Sara with all the lightning bolts in it! A very pretty sky picture, too, Linda. We are humid and warm here with LOTS of mosquitoes!! Hope your weather improves soon.



  3. They are predicting summer temperatures for us in the coming days, so I guess our rainbow days are not in the immediate future.


  4. Love your new header picture, Linda. And such gorgeous photos. I thought the double rainbow was going to be my favorite of this post, but the last picture with the lightning and sharp green colors has to be the one, I think.
    Thank you!


  5. How wonderful. Those are some awesome rainbows. I don’t know what is worse, a draught, or an abundance of rain that doesn’t seem to want to stop. I give you all my prayers for some dry weather soon.


  6. here in Bulgaria we have had a long hot summer, and it got to the point of the ground making big cracks where it had dried out completely…then one day it rained..not a lot in the beginning, but I took the opportunity and went dancing in the rain was exhilarating and so much fun but when it came down in sheets and flooded the garden it was not quite so much fun
    love your pictures…love to you all


  7. That song was popular when I made my first trip to Hawaii. We heard it a lot when we were driving around and whenever I hear it now it takes me back to those times. All of the islands have wonderful rainbows, but I think the best were on the “top” side of Maui. I think you need a trip to the islands to shoot rainbow pictures.


  8. Gosh, that last photo doesn’t even look possible!
    I guess the rain is keeping the corn from reaching the right moisture level. I hope you get a good long dry spell so you can harvest before Halloween/Thanksgiving!


  9. Glad you like this rendition– sure is catchy eh. Looks like you need some drying weather all right, like us. We got 3″ last night and more is forecast for the next two days. Do your dogs handle thunder okay?


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