A Week Later— Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2It’s been a week (today at 11 a.m.)  Life without the Fuzz Dude goes on. I still want to put two bowls of dog food out, or reach down and pet Fuzzy when I’m sitting somewhere.

Being distracted with others who need food, conversation, activity has helped.  Although, it has made me really behind on answering my comments and emails.  I have over 300 comments and emails combined that I need to respond too.  I hope to get to everyone.  Please know that I have appreciated your kind thoughts and comforting words….even those of you who wrote on my Pinterest pages.

99 Terry took a sample of corn down from all the fields…still too high…the lowest field was at 17% the highest at 18%.  We continue to wait.  Although, the huge dip in night time temperatures is sure to keep drying out the knerals, which is good.

Two huge stacks of hay has been sold, although, the buyer is leaving them here for a time. He took a third of them yesterday and will call when he is ready to come back out, maybe in a couple of days.  Only a small stack is left (100 or so bales).  The other 300 bales go to the Delta Elevator.  Almost done with that crop…Excellent!  What every one strives for to get their product sold.

Back-Forty-2Those really neat cows


I was so happy to see (at our neighbors) made the great escape and traveled into our Upper End by jumping the fence between us.  It was only three, but three is too many. (with corn to be harvested…you can lose a cow in a corn field and the cow would make a mess and possibly bloat)

Back-Forty-1Terry and I (Boomer rode along) headed the cows down the hills and into the draw of the Back Forty where we could open the gate between our two farms and send them home.

We had them rounded up and in their home land in just about an hour.  BIG SMILE  🙂


It was nice to have people to take evening walks with, Boomer and I enjoyed the company.

6Anyway, please know how much your words have meant and that I WILL try to get everyone answered soon!

Your Friend,





17 thoughts on “A Week Later— Wednesday, November 5, 2014

  1. no need to respond to my comments. i know you read them and read my blog, too. that’s what’s important. and i’m glad you and boomer have had company and lots to do, too. helps with the transition.


  2. Still sad over your loss. We will all miss Fuzzy too, although not like you will…all those little times are so hard. When Nick passed I heard him banging the floor in his crate for months afterwards. I finally took the kennel down. Hang in there. You have many friends pulling for you.


  3. I’m glad you and Boomer had things to do to keep you busy, although you probably could have done without cows getting into your cornfield. You got some beautiful pictures. The last one, especially, deserves a frame.


  4. Sounds like you’re putting one foot in front of the other and getting to what needs doing. That’s how it goes when something unthinkably sad happens. Looks like Boomer enjoys the distractions, too. 😦


  5. Cows in the corn wouldn’t be good! Everyone would be lost!
    Sometimes people wanna come help work cows, uhhh yea, it usually doesn’t work out…
    Enjoy you walks…beautiful photos…


  6. No hurry to respond Linda. It must be satisfying to sell the corn, and despite your loss of Fuzzy, that life goes on, the cows are retrieved and you have good company with you.


  7. Linda, please know that I don’t expect you to answer me when I leave comments for you. Just knowing that you’ve read my words to you, is enough for me. Unless it somehow helps you to answer….otherwise don’t worry about it at all. I don’t expect it!
    Did you ever get one of those lights? If not, that would probably help during these dark months of almost winter! Peace to you.


  8. I agree with everyone – no need to reply to each comment. We are all a collective group speaking and listening as a whole :-).


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