SHISH! Today is THURSDAY—November 5, 2014

I am so messed up…Fuzzy passed on Thursday not yesterday.  Goodness…even though I wrote Wednesday it didn’t register.  I think that was because his first stroke happened Wednesday morning, with the end on Thursday morning.

I was sent this lovely youtube video…. About the “Other Side”.

My other company came in last night.  They will be here until Sunday.   Maybe I’ll collapse on Monday.  We will see.  🙂

Your Friend,



15 thoughts on “SHISH! Today is THURSDAY—November 5, 2014

  1. I love company that makes the visit short or does not stay overnight. Too much work and growing up my Mom always made it a chore to have “company” come so its just ingrained. Some people just know how to be good guests but its still lots of work and always turns out better than expected. You just need time to grieve !


  2. It’s okay to get it wrong. I am SO confused. My computer says that today is Thursday, November 6th. I don’t even know what happened to October (or August,July….march….) Time goes to fast….it’s no wonder our brains are fried!!


  3. Hi Linda, Don’t worry about naming the wrong day… Not sure any of us would have realized it… Time passes by so quickly these days…

    Good Luck with all of the company… I’m sure you are extremely busy now –with your ‘usual’ work plus entertaining company… Good LUCK.


  4. I did remember that you posted the beautiful tribute on a Thursday last week because I had an awful feeling as soon as I saw it a day early ( instead of Friday) that something was going to be wrong. But yesterday I just thought you probably let us know a day after it happened. And anyway, really the day doesn’t matter. That it happened — that is what matters — and what really really matters is the joy Fuzzy brought to you and through you to all of us. He was a wonderful dog.

    I DO think that after your company leaves, you should collapse for a while. Sounds like a good idea to me. You deserve it.


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